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The immersive reader is a powerful tool to equal the playing field for ELD and ESL students.  It is awesome on pages but sad that it is not available in new quizzes.  I would recommend adding this.

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Our K-12 students in Volusia County, Florida, would greatly benefit from having the Immersive reader to be in New Quizzes for a more UDL design!

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Can you please create an immersive reader within exams?  When Disability Services has to create a separate audio file for a student with a reading, vision, or other disability, the professor has to "disable" lockdown browser to allow the student to access the external reader such as Natural Reader.  When lockdown browser is disabled, professors demand we proctor the exam so the student does not google answers to the test.  In this online environment, there is NO access to proctoring through the campus testing center and if all the other students taking online exams (in this COVID19 environment) are not proctored, it is not right to demand online proctoring for students with disabilities.  

An immersive reader within Canvas for exams would allow students to access their exams independently without the need to constantly request accommodation. Your program would just provide more accessibility and that would be amazing and wonderful!  It would also allow Disability Services staff the ability to concentrate their efforts on other accessibility concerns rather that creating many, many audio exams.  The other issue is also constantly having to track down professors to disable lockdown browser (because they sometimes forget) as the student is anxiously trying to get access to an exam with their external reader.   

Access is why this issue is important!!

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I absolutely agree!!! Some type of audio reader is needed for all areas for accessibility purposes!

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I am a 5th grade Social Studies and Science teacher. Many IEP accommodations commonly require all tests and quizzes to be read aloud. Canvas already has the Immersive Reader tool available for other things such as Pages. However, if students had the option for Canvas Quizzes to be read aloud using the Immersive Reader, it would save a lot of time and make it much easier to be compliant with accommodations. I understand that it wouldn't work with pictures and diagrams on Quizzes, but the majority of my Canvas Quizzes are only text. This would not only help my students with special needs, but would be a great option for all students, especially reluctant readers that do not have IEPs. 

Currently, I have to make an audio file for literally every question and answer choice for . I wouldn't mind doing this as much if Canvas would PLEASE let me move the text box to where I can see the actual test question and answers. Instead, I hand write the questions and answers beforehand so that I can see them as I read the questions and answers aloud for the audio portion. I have also taken pictures of the questions and answers with my phone to read from. However, writing the questions and answers 2 times is laborious and time consuming. If the Immersive Reader can already read text, surely they can integrate it as an option with Canvas Quizzes. If nothing else, please lets us move the text box for quizzes so that we can see the question itself. Thanks so much for your consideration. I know many of my colleagues are experiencing the same frustration with Canvas Quizzes.   

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I work as a special education teacher, primarily working in the co-taught class setting. With every test I take my students to have their test read in a separate setting, and some students prefer to stay with the class. However, when they do this they lose their ability to have the test read to them. It would be nice if there was a function that allowed them to still have the test read to them through canvas so they can remain in the same class if they wish. 

I know google has this function, as well as some other formats. This would be a great thing for canvas to add to take their platform to another level of usefulness.

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We are in desperate need for a read aloud accommodation tool to use with New Quizzes.  Please consider creating this for our students. 

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If we could get the immersive reader to work with new quizzes, and even assignments, that would be amazing. I have many with IEPs for read aloud and others who just struggle in general with reading.  That tool would be a true blessing. Right now, I have to record myself reading everything and insert a recording for them.

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Couldn't agree more with the contributors above. Quizzes is when we need the Text to Speech most. 

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Please, include immersive reader in all areas: discussions, quizzes and assignments . It helps everyone participate and feel that their voice matters. It is a great tool for our sped. students, dyslexia, ESL and even for our students at grade level.  I am an elementary tool and I am constantly recording everything for the students. The immersive reader would be of great benefit. Thank you

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This is the best thing that has happened.  I used it in pages for some of my EL students and they are really sad that they cannot use it throughout the entire Canvas Platform.  I can't wait until (or if) this is part of all of Canvas.  I tried several languages with different students and they all said that it is very accurate and understandable.  

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I agree there needs to be something that will allow Text to Speech in New Quizzes. I however run into the issue that Text to Speech programs do not read more complex math equations (even those created in Math Editor provided on Canvas). At the high school level (as well as the college level) many students still require the accommodation to have all quizzes and test read to them (plus we still have ELL students that need a Text to Speech available to them in order to meet their ELL requirements).  As a high school teacher with 30 to 35 students per class on a 7 day class schedule, we still need to walk around the room and monitor the students taking the test and often sending the student(s) needing Text to Speech to Content Mastery. However this is not always available do to the high volume of students at one time that come to this room for their "Read To' accommodation. Thus, the student must stay in the classroom and I must read the test/quiz to them (which leads to student accountability issues and the integrity of the test/quiz). If the students had the option to have the Text to Speech on New Quizzes (that would also read advanced math questions, created by Math Editor, on Canvas) it would allow these students to stay in the classroom and still be able to receive their accommodations, while not bring in the question about the integrity of the test/quiz.

We also use the Lockdown Browser for Quizzes and Test, so whatever Text to Speech option that could be used in New Quizzes,  must also work within the Lockdown Browser as well. 

As of now I have to audio record my test and quiz questions on Quicktime, convert each question from mp4 to mp3 , then upload them to each appropriate question. This is extremely time consuming. Please include a Test to Speech option in New Quizzes that will also read advanced math questions created on Math Editor.


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How about Immersive Reader being available for quizzes?

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I have many students who require read aloud features. Immersive Reader works with basic Canvas functions. However, if I make a video embedded with quiz questions in Canvas studio, there is no read aloud feature.  

I wanted to suggest that Canvas figure out a way to get Immersive Reader or some other text to voice feature to work within Canvas Studio quizzes.
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This would be a useful tool for students with IEP accommodations in general education classrooms. 

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I teach CT classes, and often have to take student out of the room to read test verbally to them. I have student who don't want to leave out of embarrassment or uncertainty. It would be great for all students to be able to plug in headphones and hear test without having to have a specific place to go to have them read. Many formats for testing and quizzing have this format, Canvas would be much better for it.

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I am a special education teacher and work in the CT setting. This would be a helpful tool for my students who require tests read as part of their IEP but are too embarrassed to leave the classroom for that accommodation. 

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I agree that immersive reader should be on quizzes.  

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Sounds like a good idea.

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Teachers are begging for this. Please consider this option.



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I agree with @Nnewton1221 and @dcunningham1 regarding the lack of student autonomy when seeking read-aloud accommodations. We have many students that refuse read-aloud accommodations all the time because of the stigma associated with having to leave the classroom. Canvas is such a great tool for students' learning independence, but the lack of an Immersive Reader within New Quizzes (and other sections) seriously restricts what entitled students are able to do.  Please give strong consideration to expanding access to Immersive Reader across Canvas!