Keep Headings in Gradebook Visible with Narrower Columns

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When we have a large number of assignments in the Gradebook, we make the columns narrower. However, the headings simply disappear, even if ample space seems to be left in the cells (see screen shot). This is due to larger than necessary padding in the headings row, which does not take width into account. This has to be fixed to make the Gradebook more useful as an overview. Taken a bit further, the font size or even orientation could also be changed based on column width to support extra narrow columns (but making the padding dynamic would really go a long way).

Column headings not visible at reasonable column widthColumn headings not visible at reasonable column width

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Yes! The amount of padding is absurdly huge and counterproductive. Canvas always amazes me with how they get basic interface design wrong time and again. 

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I agree, and some of them should be relatively easy to fix - like this one - where it is a matter of appearance/style.

Is anyone aware of browser-side Canvas mods to fix some of these issues proactively on our side? I am aware of tools like which would make such mods possible. Taking the matter into our own hands 🙂 Sadly I'm no CSS expert, so I have not had success with this myself. 

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AGREE! We need to see all grades easily on one page without so much scrolling. How about removing the margins to the left and right of the header (saving about 1" of space each column) allowing for smaller font size and if you want, to move the header vertical. I find this issue to be the most inefficient part of canvas gradebook So much scrolling time wasted. Thank you for considering these changes  

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YES, Yes, yes! A thousand times yes! This is so incredibly frustrating. Clearly the people who design the interface haven't actually used it in a real-world situation. There is absolutely zero benefit to all the extra space in each column.

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This is needed---what is the status of the update?