Make the cross-listing process easier

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While instructions for how to cross-list sections are clear and not hard to follow, the process itself can use some improvement.

With the current process, unless a user has done it many times, they are very likely to get it wrong without the instructions at hand: they have to remember to go to the child site first, which is not always how their brain works in regard to cross-listing.

I feel the process can be made much easier if changes are made to the UI and the workflow looks something like the mockup below:

  1. Go to any course site you'd like to cross-list:
    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 2.18.19 PM.png
  2. Search for other sites to cross-list:

    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 2.36.55 PM.png
  3. Pick sites to be cross-listed from search results:
    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 2.40.16 PM.png
  4. Designate main site:
    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 2.57.18 PM.png
  5. Done!
    Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 3.02.19 PM.png

Similarly, de-cross-listing can be made easier as well. 

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Community Team
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