[Mobile - Canvas Student] Include Assignment Group weighting on Grades and Assignment page

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Problem statement:

In the browser, the Assignment Group Weights are prominently displayed on the "Grades" page. This information is critical to understanding a student's performance and grade in a class. The mobile apps do not provide this important information. Our K-12 district has a 1:1 iPad program and our students use the Canvas Student app. In our experience, the majority of parent users also choose the Canvas mobile app to support their students.

Proposed solution:

In the mobile app, the assignment groups are displayed on the Assignment groups page as well as the grades page, but the group weighting is not provided. Please consider including the assignment group weighting on the "Assignments" and "Grades" pages for student and parent mobile apps. The weighting can be added to the right on the Assignment Group Title line or included as a separate text field on these pages.

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