[Mobile - Canvas Teacher] Bring "SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group" to the Canvas Teacher app

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We now have the incredibly useful 'Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group' course setting. This is useful for splitting up grading of paper in SpeedGrader based on group, e.g for different graders, topics, or where 'anonymous grading' is used where it's difficult to co-ordinate marking.

However this setting does not translate to the Canvas Teacher app!

There is a lot of interest in how fast and user-friendly the app is for grading assignments, especially with touch-friendly interface or iPad and Pencil for annotation. It's a pity therefore that this feature is not here within the app - it's the only thing it cannot do better than the browser.

In the app there is an assignment filter list, which includes a filter for Sections, but nothing so far for Groups. Using Sections appears more convoluted to setup and use to the beginner. Even if it was not possible to have a drop-down list in the same way as the browser version of SpeedGrader, then it would at least be better to have Groups as an available filter option in the current list.

What are other people's thoughts?

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Community Team
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I created an account just to add a comment to this request. Please add this filter to the iPad app. It will transform how I do grading! Please 🙂