Multiple Grading Schemes


Many of our courses allow a student to take the course as a letter grade or P/F.  Currently, we have no way to account for this in the Canvas gradebook since every letter requires a percentage attached to it.  Likewise, we would like a way to override a student's grade with an Incomplete without assigning it to a percentage.

Canvas needs a way to layer in multiple grading schemes and then teachers can specify which grading scheme each student gets.

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This is essential for high school students with special education/ 504 accommodations. 

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We need a pass/fail option! 

Multiple grading schemes would be GREAT!

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In K-12, the ability to apply multiple grading schemes allows us to accommodate required modified grading for a student in a classroom. Our SIS, Synergy, provides this option through "Final Score Config" which can be set at the student level. A similar option in Canvas is a must. I hope this need gets some attention.

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This is an essential feature that we need to appropriately serve our students with special services or 504 accommodations.  Currently, to override the grade per their IEP/504, it forces the percentage change as well, so we are not as accurately sharing grade data with students and families.  

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Yes.  Currently a student with a P shows at 0.15%?  This is not fair to them and does not directly display their true level of achievement.  

We should have the ability to enter a P and still have their true percentage show.