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I would love to have a feature that enables +Module to go directly to the top of the page. Currently +Modules defaults to the bottom of the page.

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Yes! Me too!!!

As my district is offering virtual learning this entire school year, I'm going to have 30-something modules by the end of the year. It makes sense to my students for the newest module to be on top, so that means I have to drag the new one up to the top. My computers (desktop and laptop) don't really do that it a speedy manner, either. I would really love for this to be an option.

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I would like my teachers to have this option as well. 

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I would love this for my staff as well. Right now they must manual move each module they create.

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Yes please! I'd like a course level setting that lets the instructor choose where the new modules go, as well as a notice on the modules page itself to let students know which setting the instructor picked!

(the option to have a pinned module would be nice too)

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When a teacher creates a new module, it defaults to the bottom of the screen. Can you please create an option where teachers can have the newest module created default to the TOP of the page? That is how teachers and students need to see the modules: newest on top. Thank you!

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It would be amazing to be able to set a default so that new modules always appear at the top of the module thread.  I arrange my content so that the newest is always on top, and it's tedious to always have to scroll all of the way to the very bottom of the modules thread to find and move my newest content each time.  


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Yes, please. This is such a small thing that would mean so much. 

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Although I understand that in coding it is standard to list the newest at the bottom of the list, my students find it VERY helpful to have the newest content at the top of the list so they don't have to scroll. It would be VERY helpful if having the newest content added to the top of the list as a default setting. This way, teachers can customize the way they present their content. 

This is the way the physical world works. If you put a piece of paper on your desk, the pile has the newest items on top and the older items are lower in the pile. 

As it stands now, I and many teachers spend unnecessary time and effort clicking on the three dots to move modules to the top of the page. 

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