New Quizzes: Allow use of turnitin


When using the new quiz app for a take home exam, it would be good to allow the use of turnitin to monitor any inappropriate collusion on essay questions. 

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Some of us have been begging for years for this to happen.  The only alternative I can see is for Canvas to allow for randomized plug-ins for non-Quiz assignments so you can have randomized writing prompts in an untimed environment.  (I suppose you could then limit the Availability time to basically give a timed assessment...)

This is an arms race.  We are to the point where essay questions show up in Chegg and CourseHero within an hour of being released.  And while we can talk about pro-active pedagogies, we cannot give up on enforcing the rules we have.  

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(Repost from another thread) 

I was astonished (and that's not strong enough) to learn that TurnItIn is not an option in quizzes. 

Other moderators on other threads have identified locked-down browsers as a (green) "Solution," which is incorrect -- locking down a browser is of course a joke in almost all circumstances, esp in our COVID asynchronous environment (exception would be if coupled with other tracking software -- leading to privacy issues with the kind of tracking that would truly be needed), as most students have at least two web-enabled devices.  Locked-down browsers should not be flagged as a "Solution".... just mentioned as something that some folks might have overlooked as an option. They are NOT a solution -- for me or effectively for any faculty member in my field — in my class, the assignments all have multiple readings that are off-Canvas and on various externally-owned sites — so students HAVE to be able to use their browsers. 

I see too that some "community coaches" or "champions" in other similar threads have mentioned that profs can ask for file submits, and then the profs can upload those on their own recognizance to TurnItIn.  Really?  With a large lecture course that uses short-answer "quizzes" every week uploading/downloading files is effectively an impossibility for time and for clogging up graders' own computers (not to mention malware concerns). 

Finally, I just have a hard time imagining the conversation in-house that came up with the idea not to put TurnItIn as an option into quizzes.  "Oh, let's NOT give professors the ability to check plagiarism and cheating in their quizzes!"  Seriously?

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Just wanted to add my voice to everyone else's voice. We need TurnItIn to be an option for quizzes. So many of us have had to move to online tests and quizzes since early 2020, and it is head-scratching why Canvas has not yet made plagiarism-checking an option in Quizzes. With large classes, it is darn near impossible to check for plagiarism without some kind of integrated app/tool.

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Only last week I was asked whether this was possible by one lecturer who wanted to include Short answer / essay questions in with a MCQ.
They were concerned about potential copying and plagiarism. As it was due to the lack of this option they reduced the number of short answer questions.
I, like others here think it would be a great addition, so please can we see this ASAP


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The plagiarism checker tool turnitin is not available on Quizzes with the essay type question. As students can write essays in this question format it is vital to have the turnitin plagiarism tool available to check for plagiarism.

Please consider making this available.

I am a full time instructor of English as a Second Language.


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Happy New Year everyone

Has there been any development on having Turnitin offered in New Quizzes?



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Excellent feature! 

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I came across this idea conversation while searching to find out whether there are any plans to make Turnitin available in the Canvas Quiz.  Markers have to check quiz essay question responses for plagiarism and this is a difficult and cumbersome task that would be solved in an instant if Turnitin was made available in the quiz.  I can see that this conversation started a few years ago, so it would good to know of any updates and whether this is likely to go into development anytime soon.

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This would be very useful!

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This would be an excellent addition into New quizzes for our educational institution.  Please, please lets gets this into New Quizzes.

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Has anyone given this a try?


It lets you download all the essay answers to a single zip file that you can then upload to Turnitin and will automatically scan each file in the zip and give a report.

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it would be hugely beneficial to have access to TII text matching with essay and short response questions in New Quiz. 

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Most of the replies refer to TII directly, Canvas has a plagiarism plug in frame work. We have used it for the last two years. It works very well. In our case TII is our provider. But there are others to choose from.

I'll join the rest ( asking on behalf of another teacher at our school). What would it take for New Quizzes to use that same framework? Much like Text-Entry assignments do. that system works very well. (pictured below) It would be very helpful for the times quiz with 2-3 essay questions mixed wiht auto graded content.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 5.20.19 PM.png



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I also believe this would be a great feature to add since instructors are asking questions about whether this is possible.

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While I am all for Turnitin being available in New Quizzes, I don't think this one is totally on Instructure/Canvas. Turnitin has to actually be willing to work on the integration.

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wondering where in the "development process" this idea is. are we past "discovery"?

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