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A feature in Hot Spot that would really benefit our students is the ability to have multiple hot spots in a single image. Eg: English students being able to go an image of text and identifying multiples of particular grammar usage in a single paragraph, or find-a-word scenarios - see the attached image as an example.

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Thank you for sharing this idea,  @naomi2 ‌.

In case you're not yet using the new quiz tool, Quizzes.Next includes a hot spot question type, allowing for a single hot spot (How do I create a Hot Spot question in Quizzes.Next?). Creating a hot spot question with multiple hot spots in Quizzes.Next is under consideration for future development, as discussed in Multiple Hot Spots .

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This really would be very useful, quite logic

> Think geography maps, biology figures, anything really ... 

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I was working with teachers at a high school campus this week and I had multiple people ask me if they could have more than one hot spot on an image. This feature could be beneficial for many different subject areas and scenarios.

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This is why I have been using app.wizer.me for the last year and embedding the content into a page in Canvas.  Students being able to completely label a diagram in my science class is amazing!  Come on Canvas, I know you can do it!

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math question - multi select hot spotThis is a question type for our new math standards.  it would work great for one hot spot question to have the box in each row to be clicked in.  Canvas please add this ability soon.

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Well, hello "community.canvaslms./ideas/12953-miultiple-hot-spot" . I'm glad to meet you. Don't have a clue yet about what to do with you, but I'll figure it out. I'm a grad student in the C4CH program and I'm here looking for the paper my instructor Professor Cho just posted. Wish me luck! And thank you for being here. 
Cynthia Vana, C4CH Cohort 2022

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Hi,  @cvana  Welcome to the Canvas Community! Well, this is quite the mystery! We don't know how you ended up here either. Smiley Happy 

This forum is where people post their questions and ideas about using Canvas software; students won't find their assignments on this site. Please log in to your Canvas course and ask your instructor for guidance on finding course activities. I found this page of contact links for students on the school website that might help you get re-oriented: New Student Orientation | Mizzou Online | University of Missouri 

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Like many of you, I'm suddenly trying to do online what I have always done in my face-to-face classes.  Today, I was trying to create a map quiz using Hotspot, and was surprised to learn that I can't use the same map for multiple items.  So I have to load in the same map 30 times to get my students to identify 30 places?  Really?  Can't we just use a numbering system, Canvas? 

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I'd really like this to work in two different ways.

  1. Find one example that is true.
  2. Find everything that is needed.

I teach math, so if the image is one with points, lines, and planes:

  1. Given a line, click on another line that is skew (there is more than one line that could be chosen)
  2. Click on two parallel lines (both have to be chosen).
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If you are making a map quiz on the 50 states of America, one would have to have 50 questions with 50 maps. Furthermore, one can not even copy and paste and then edit a hotspot quiz question! Could you allow for a hotspot "picture" with multiple questions attached to multiple answers? Something like what Seterra does? https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003 




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I would very much like to see the multiple hot spot/multiple images idea be implemented asap with New Quizzes.  I think many of us who are used to having this functionality available when creating quizzes would very much like to provide at least the amount of service we could in the past (with different LMS).

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I'd also like the option to have a question in which multiple hotspots are equally correct.  As a simple example: "Click the Pacific Ocean on the world map" I would like the ability to mark correct hotspots on both ends of the map, so that a click in either location would get credit.  Of course, I could try to draw one large polygon connected by a thin line, but there are more complicated examples where that would not work)

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We need multiple hot spots Canvas. Please, work on that since this has been addressed back in 2018 and no further changes have been made. How it was stated earlier, this feature is amazing but extremely limiting. When teaching geography we need to upload maps for every single question. Please, give this some more thought and actually make these multiple hot spots a real thing.

Thank you

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We really need to be able to have a hot spot similar to matching where we can make multiple hot spots and match them to specific answers.

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I saw your post in https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/New-Quizzes-Users/Multiple-Hot-Spots/m-p/169362 in December of 2017.

What is the status for this request?  Still under consideration?


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In Texas, the state test is changing the formatting of questions students will be asked. There will a lot fewer multiple choice questions and more multiple correct answers, drag and drop, hotspot and equation builder (students build an equation to answer the question) question types. Multiple hotspots are needed desperately as we try to give students experience with these types of questions. Some Canvas New Quizzes questions are great- but multiple hotspots would be very valuable.

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While converting content from other platforms, the ability to only create one hot spot on a single question is quite limiting. Our institution would greatly benefit from multiple hotspots as well as being able to drag/drop labels onto a single image.

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Quite new Canvas customer, building our quizzes where we just realized that this feature is missing which we naively assumed would be there. +1 on this idea proposal and would be great if any updates were shared. 🙂 

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Same here, the feature would be very helpful! 
We are looking for this indeed on geography maps and naming different parts of objects. 
There are so many things you can do with it. We'd really appreciate if it could be implemented soon.

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Upvote for multiple Hotspots. I teach Electromagnetics, and we do complex numbers on a Smith Chart. Canvas does neither. Sakai managed this, so the code may be available 🙂

I am needing to have at least four points(areas) on a simple Smith Chart... (And I obviously need it to be an .svg.......) Herewith a .pngsmithvswr.png