New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to make each matching item worth points. 

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There is currently not a partial credit option in New Quizzes. For example, a 5 point Matching section is either 0/5 or 5/5. If a student misses one question they are awarded 0/5. 


I used Schoology in my previous district and that has been a schoology feature for years. Extremely frustrating this has not been added as a Canvas feature. My district has experienced an abundance of frustrations and disappointments with Canvas New Quizzes. 

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Each match should score points. The idea of all or nothing is not a workable solution.

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I realize this has been suggested, but I figure the more request the better.  This is a must-have for a matching column.  No one wants to re-grade these manually.  It defeats the purpose.  Partial credit please.

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Where are we with this idea of partial credit?  With the current timeline of New Quizzes becoming the standard quiz engine as of July 2022, this MUST get fixed for matching, categorization, and ordering questions!!!!

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Canvas....please fix this. 

I was told by Chat support that if enough people support this thread, then they might fix the matching partial credit thing.  I really hope that alllllll of these comments counts as enough.

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This terrible problem has a lot of our faculty angry. It's like a bait and switch: You show a really cool matching question that faculty immediately want to buy, but when they actually deploy it they discover it is useless.

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This is much needed 😕 It's causing a huge problem for me and many other teachers. What the heck Canvas. You are awesome, why mess this up?

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So, if a student is given a question that requires MATCHING, they have to answer EVERY QUESTION CORRECTLY in order to get any score.  If they get 5 out of 7 correct in a MATCHING question, the computer scores them ZERO.  If they get 6 out of 7...still ZERO.  A test that has two questions that are matching with 7 matches in each question will score a ZERO even if the student only misses one match in each question when they should earn 12 points out of 14.   

This is bad.  Of course, we can go in and 'regrade,' but what's the good in that when we want the computer to work for us?  Not only that, but when a student works very hard and KNOWS they've answered questions correctly, it really blasts them to see ZERO on the Canvas grade book. This does not help those with testing anxiety. 

Why was the partial grading taken out of matching questions in this new quiz version? In the old version it graded for partially correct answers in matching....why not now? 

The programming needs to be fixed, please. Not just on this item.  What was the reason for an upgrade that isn't as good as the first version??

Until, and if, this is fixed, I won't be able to use the matching EVER because I don't want to - nor do I have the time to - go in and manually regrade every matching question I give to my nearly 200 students. I already have to go in and double and triple check for essay questions because the new upgrade posts partial grades in the Canvas grade book BEFORE essay questions have been manually graded. This is another delight I really can't afford timewise. 

Please have someone take a look at this.  It doesn't sound right that matching scores differently than multiple choice.  It's plain that partial grading worked in the last version, and it should work in the new one. 

Thanks. (Sorry for the venting.  It gets very frustrating to lose time struggling with a program that worked once upon a time.) 

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I am currently avoiding new quizzes altogether because of the glitch with matching. To be honest, this seems like an easy fix and I am not sure why it would not have been addressed already. I am also wondering how any teaching consultant would have thought this made sense. 

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I want to support this request for partial scoring in matching questions. 

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As our online learning coordinator I have been encouraging staff to move to new quizzes as in APAC we have until the end of 2022 until classic quizzes are no longer.

One of the biggest hurdles is the no partial credit for matching. I have staff that have move to new quizzes, move back to classic. They list issues as follows, having to go into every quiz and mark to give partial credit is time consuming and something they have never had to do with classic, students are put off as a mark of zero shows up in their marks, we have observer accounts for students and the quiz results cannot be seen by observers so a mark of zero leads many observers (parents or supervising teachers) to call to find out why marks are so poor.

These alone are causing increased workload for teachers and I can understand why they do not want to move to new quizzes. Can we please do something about this as partial credit is there for multiple answer question type, why not matching???????

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Yes! Canvas is behind LMS's such as Schoology in this regard!

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Yes please, on behalf of our entire district 6-12.

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We absolutely need the ability to choose full credit or partial credit. I understand not making the default partial credit, but it should at least be an option.

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Is this just a forum for us to complain about the all-or-nothing feature in Canvas, or does anyone from Canvas offer any hope by giving a progress report on this issue? Maybe I am missing something, but all I see from this forum is a lot of people with the same issue.

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This is so basic, I can't believe it didn't carry over from classic quizzes. Partial credit is an absolute must.

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How do I VOTE for this? Is commenting the same as voting? Thanks.

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Canvas just posted a short survey of users in which they ask if we "trust" Canvas.

I recommend saying "no" and complaining about this very issue:  Nothing done on a very basic issue since it was first brought up in Sept 2018.

I wonder if they are firing programmers to keep costs down so that Canvas can be sold to, say, Blackboard.  Why else leave us hanging?

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@kbathBCP I believe all you need to do is click the 5-star rating. 

@cejones I don't think I got that survey. Was it a link you can share?

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@kbathBCP @SarahJarboe1 @GrantRoberts25 

This is the response I got when I reported this as a problem.  They aren't listening to us and 3+ years worth of complaints which is incredibly frustrating.


Thank you for reaching out to Canvas Support! We are sorry you are not satisfied with the way New Quizzes grades matching questions. 

We checked our guide and can see that the grading is intended to require all matching items are correct so that the question is counted as correct. Please see our guide here. 

Unfortunately, we would need to refer you to the Ideas conversation to add your support for the requested change as this is the recommended channel. 

A workaround for teachers that would like to use matching questions that grade with partial credit would be to use Classic quizzes as classic quiz matching questions are still graded with partial credit."

We don't want a workaround. We want the New Quizzes to have this functionality.