New Quizzes: Responses in Fractions for Formula Questions


When problems are created using the formula generator, the answers can only be entered as integers or decimals. Many answers do not display well as a decimal and mathematicians will not want answers as decimals most of the time. 

I propose that fractions are added as an acceptable format for problems that are created using the formula generator. 

This will allow for more accurate answers and prepare students for college and life in a better way. 

After consulting with some computer programmers, without knowing the specifics of the code being used, this should be a simple enough feature to implement. 

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Keith

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I would like students to be able to enter exact, fractions, answers in canvas quizzes. Right now that answers can only be entered as a decimal. I want students to be able to enter 0.5 or 1/2 and get it correct. 

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Fractions and radicals.  In the area were we identify the decimal places and allowances for the answers, there can be a format option for decimal, fraction, or radical.

Algebraic answers would be nice, too.  Dividing polynomials could end up with answers like 3x+1.

The answer line already allows for non-number characters to be entered (Which is annoying when a student is told their percent problem is wrong when they enter the correct answer of 16% instead of just 16.), we just need the computer to recognize those non-number characters when appropriate based on the format selected.

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Please add fractions as a valid numerical question value.

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I agree. Without the capacity to enter fractions, I will have to find some external platform outside of canvas to administer quizzes. 

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+1 on this request

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Please add. 

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I, too, would appreciate the ability for students to provide fractional answers.

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Right now, the only way I can do it is with Fill in the Blank questions. That means, I need to make many different questions to adequately stock the database. Being able to provide fractional answers to formula questions would be a nice time-saver.

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