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Currently, in the Categorize type questions of New Quizzes, there is no option to use a rich content editor. As a mathematics teacher, I am unable to utilize all questions types effectively because I am unable to write a questions mathematically correct with the limitations of the text. 

Ideally, I would love to have the RCE on ALL question types but I have not found a current option for this question type yet.

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Panda Pros

It would also be great to be able to add pictures within Categories, so the RCE would help here as well!

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So I don't believe my suggestion belongs here at all but Canvas says it does (and yes I'm mad so here goes:)  I totally believe that we need pictures added in New Quizzes, especially for Ordering and Matching. Canvas is not all that accessible to young students or learning disabled students and this would greatly enhance their ability to learn remotely.

Now what this has to do with the new RCE? I understand it involves picture upload but that could have been the old RCE as well. I personally believe it belongs under New Quizzes but what do I know?

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Yes!  In order to use all of the question types in new quizzes effectively as a math teacher we need the RCE to be available in ALL of them.  Students need to be able to categorize graphs or equations by their function family, students need to be able to match a function with it's graph, students need to be able to enter a properly formatted equation into the fill in the blank question type, etc...

Adding this functionality would go a long way to helping math teachers have more effective assessments on Canvas.

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Yes, please allow the RCE in answers for all question types in New Quizzes! It would really help me expand the types of questions I can ask in chemistry.

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Please add this.  I need Greek letters for equations.

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I agree that this should not have to be a feature request. It should just be something that comes with new quizzes. There is a RCE in this text box I'm writing in right now. Why can't there be one in all quiz items.


I got all excited about categorization questions and had a bunch of cool ideas for questions and then realized that I was limited to plain text. It took the wind out of my sails. 

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How was this not automatically included in all types of questions.  It's like Canvas didn't think math teachers might need this?!

You really dropped the ball here.


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Agreed. Mathematics teachers need the RCE in ALL types of questions/answers. It drives me crazy that I can't enter mathematics as answer choices in multiple dropdowns!

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Como profesor de matemáticas, para elaborar reactivos en los instrumento de evaluación, independientemente de las opciones de respuesta que tengo para elegir, en algunas ocasiones se requiere introduccir elementos propios de simbología matemática para que la respuesta relacionada con la pregunta tenga relación visual, lo cual le facilita al estudiante la conexión correspondiente. Deseo que pronto lo integren a la plataforma de canvas, ya que con esta nueva modalidad de educación virtual, que se intensifico desde la pandemia mundial del COVID 19, me ayudaría a acortar los tiempos de realización de los formularios

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Por lo tanto que la plataforma de CANVAS permita colocar caracteres matemáticos en las respuestas de los examenes sería genial


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Agreed!  I can't believe it's not an option on EVERY question type.  A Serious ball drop.  

Mainly chiming in to show my support and try and get Canvas to notice we still care and need it. It's SUCH a pain to do have to create a piece meal test where I can do a few things on canvas, and the deeper questions on other platforms, which leads students and us frustrated and annoyed.  

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As a chemistry teacher having RCE is a necessity, not just a feature. I can enter an emoji here😡 but can't do subscripts or superscripts!


I want to be able to type something like this (LaTeX)

\(C_2H6 + 3\frac{1}{2} O_2 \rightarrow 2 CO_2 + 3 H_2O\qqaud \Delta_{comb}= -400 kJ mol^{-1}\)


A feature request on the above was submitted in another very similar thread in 2015 and this is still ongoing!

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I am just chiming in here that faculty at our small university have requested this as well - the ability to type LaTeX in all parts of a categorization question, not just question stem. Thanks!

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