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Sometimes, I need to see the student view, but because I set limits on the assignment/module/etc., I have to go into edit mode, unlock the limitations (such as publish/unpublish, open date, etc.) to see it in student view, and then go back into edit mode and reset the limitations again. Also, if there are other pre-requisites needed before getting to that assignment, I need to go through the process as a test student to submit all the other stuff before getting to the one I need, just so I'm able to see it. Could we have the option of being  a test student without all the limitations, so we can just quickly look at what we need?

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@gkim_tis the student view is intended to give an accurate student view. Sorry it's causing a bit of extra work for you, but also glad to hear it is functioning correctly.

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Student View: Cannot access (as teacher) prior to set open assignment date. I need to be able to see in student view before the assignment is assigned. In order to do this the assignment must be completely open to students. I would like to be able to view before it is open to students. I was working on an assignment an opened it in order to view and in the process a student accessed it and started to work on it. At that point I wasn't able to make some changes I would have like to have made. 

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This would be really helpful when creating directions for assignments. As others have mentioned, I have to currently publish the module and the assignment before entering Student View and then hope that students won't see the assignment and try to complete it while I take any screenshots or screencasts I need to create for lessons. 

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One of the issues that I have with Student View is that if assignments are locked, I am not able to access them to see what they would look like from the student perspective without doing whatever it takes to unlock them.  On one hand, it’s great to see that the prerequisites or open dates or what not are working.  On the other, it would be very useful to be able to view assignments from the perspective of a student without going through all of the prerequisites to unlock them or without having to wait for the assignment open dates to arrive.

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It would be AWESOME if we could access Student View right within the module. 

Would it be possible have this tool bar available all the time, on every page, module, assign etc.?  

It is time consuming to

1. Be on the assignment  and click settings

2. Click on student view

3. Click on Module in Student view to find the assignment

4. Leave student view

5. Click on Modules

6. Scroll to the bottom to go back to the assignment

That process takes on average 58 secs.  And that does not include that 90% of the time, I forget to publish and have to start over.

Is it possible to have 


available no matter where I am in CANVAS?

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I agree that this idea would be very helpful.  You might also like: Student-View-Bypass-Prerequisites (a very similar idea) or Student-view-but-before-publishing-a-quiz-assignment which suggests that viewing content the way students will see it should be possible even before the content is published.  Specific-Real-student-view offers other student view functions to help teachers support individual students once students start using the modules.

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I agree it would be helpful to have a second "student view" which does not need to fulfill all requirements. I get that student view is meant to completely simulate a student's experience (and it works really well👍).

However, if it is just to check if the lay-out, media and links of that particular page work for students, it can cause a lot of superfluous work if there are requirements attached to that page. My colleagues have already asked me (a few times) to check if there is a shortcut for this.

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Thank you