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Please add a notification option (preferably turned on by default) that sends a reminder notification 24 hours before a quiz or an assignment is due, to any student who has not already submitted it.  Currently it is only possible to send these reminders manually.   If there were automatic due date reminders, it would significantly improve my quiz completion rates.

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It would be a benefit to have the ability to turn on a notification for assignments that have not been submitted and the due date has past. This would be helpful for both the student who is managing many courses as the observer who is trying to support the student to complete work and learn time management skills.

The teacher can notify the student, but we really want to empower the student. 

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This is an essential tool to take advantage of mobile options for learning. Students are familiar with and even dependent on push notifications for all kinds of digital experiences; thus, it makes sense to include the option for due date notifications to make Canvas more meaningful to them.

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Yes!  I would love to have this feature.

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Yes, Please

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It would be great to have an option to send an automatic email to students if there's an important assignment coming up and you want to remind them of it, it could be a kind of scheduled email, and it would be in the assignment edit screen. Kind of like with the due dates at the bottom. Then it could default to two weeks before as a reminder or with customizable text.

The other is to send an email to students who have missed x number of assignments past the due date. I could set it to, let's say, "3" and once three assignments not turned in past the due date, an automatic email would tell them they're missing assignments or it could be customizable text. So I could write something like, "Hello [student], I've noticed you've missed the past [number of] assignments. I will still accept them late. What can I do to help you get those in?" 

A copy of all of these could be found in the inbox "sent" folder.

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Agree - automatic notifications would be a great benefit - can then set and forget and have a level of comfort that reminders will be sent

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As one of many college students who have slipped on an assignment or two, a quiz or two, maybe even tests… 

It would be astronomically useful and life changing if canvas gave us push notifications on upcoming assignments that are due along with the options on how many days prior.


  • Set a reminder (1,2,3) days before this assignment is due with (so and so) alert sounds and/or repeat alert option.

I think all of us students will heavily appreciate canvas for embedding this into their application in a new update by automatically popping up the option to have such notifications on or not. 

Thank you 🙂 

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I was just hearing about something called Intelligent Agents that works with another (possibly more than one?) LMS.  It sounds exactly like what we need--the ability to set up reminders and alerts that are tailored to our class needs.

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Allow these reminders to send push notifications. 

Allow a time/date to be set.

Allow the ability to select from a list what assignment(s) you want to be reminded about.

Allow a field for adding a custom description of the assignment to be reminded of.

Allow an option for making the reminder to go off once, persistently, or repeat through days of the week

Allow for a toggle option to enable/disable the reminder to show on the calender based on the time/date set for the reminder

This could possible help to cut down on late assignments



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In this technical era, I don't understand the concept of "Voting" just add this as the feature understanding the ease it brings about.  Anyway, I would want to vote for this feature.

How many votes do you consider to activate this?

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@terence_gonsalv  Idea Conversations incorporate a star rating system. User comments are highly valued by our product developers, and we encourage those in favor of an idea to provide examples from their own experience that support the problem statement posed by the idea. To learn more about the process, please read through How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community? 

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As a student it's hard to keep up sometimes with the assignments that I have. Not only that but it's just hard to remember what I do have to do. If there was a way to turn on notifications on the mobile version (or even desktop version) for assignments on their due dates that would help me a lot. It would help me understand the assignments that I need to work on so I can keep up with me class. There are a lot of settings to turn on notifications for assignment due date changes but that's different from what I mean, I mean being notified which assignments still need to be done for the day they are due.


Hi all! Just wanted to drop a note that here at Boost Education we've created an app/plugin that integrates seamlessly with Canvas to automatically send these notifications that you're looking for. We're a part of Canvas's Ed Tech collective and worked closely with them to develop this tool. You can view our listing on the Partners Page right here.

We recognized the very same problem that you all are bringing to light here; students want to turn in assignments but sometimes just like all of us, they just forget. And you all as teachers & faculty have so many better things you could be doing with your time than reminding students of their assignments. In fact, our peer-reviewed and published research shows that our assignment reminders that use our smart-parameters are actually more effective than instructor-initiated nudges. 

Would be happy to answer any questions you all have on the problem or our solution we developed at Boost! Tagging a few of the main contributors for visibility. @srbrassfield @Boekenoogen @leneem_lassiter @kimberly_smith1 @rosenbet 

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Yes, please!  This would be a real help for some of my students.  Students need extra reminders and to create individual announcements takes so much work...  Also, another option would be to allow students to set a reminder about assignments for themselves.  

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@ProfJT  Students can create their own to-do list items to serve as their own personal reminders, so please guide your students to the instructions at  How do I add a to-do item in the Calendar as a stu...  

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Having a way to schedule automatic emails to those students who have not submitted an upcoming assignment. It would be helpful once this is put into place to pick how many hours in advance you would like to have an email reminder sent to those students who have not submitted an upcoming assignment. 

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Get email or text alerts when new assignments are posted and/or when due dates are approaching.

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Sad that all these great suggestions for notifications that either teacher or students could set up as a reminder are still sitting out here as just a thought.  This would be a HUGE help for both.

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This is a way to remind students to complete an assignment that has a HOT due date (meaning it is within 24 hours) A dragon can pop up breathing fire with the hot due date for the student to complete. The dragon can be sent at the discretion of the teacher to help motivate students to complete an assignment in a timely manner within 24 hours.