Notifications for Conference Start




First, sorry about my English, I'm learning. Notificações help a lot. For example: when a conference starts, why we don't receive a notification?


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Matheus Pardini.

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Instructure Alumni

 @matheuspardini1  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

We hope you don't mind that we have edited the title and description slightly to focus on a request for a new notification sent to participants when the conference moderator starts a conference using the Big Blue Button conferencing tool in Canvas. The idea is now moving forward for broader discussion.

Thanks, Matheus. Stay safe, stay well, and keep learning. Smiley Happy 

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I would love for students to have the option to set a push notification when a conference starts in a class they are enrolled in.  In the switch to remote learning and a more unstructured day, it's easy for students to lose track of time, especially if their schedules are changing.  This would help provide a reminder of when it is class time, and probably result in more students attending the live online classes.