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How come notifications aren't being sent for posts made within a discussion group? That seems like a serious flaw, as it renders active discussions within a discussion group impossible (unless everyone's checking in/refreshing repeatedly on their own initiative). Please fix this important issue! 

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Community Team
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I agree with Hugh, there needs to be an option to subscribe to discussions within groups. I am new to Canvas and love the group area, but I need the option to be notified of discussion and other activity that occurs there. How can I help? 

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I agree, there should be a way to subscribe and unsubscribe discussions and announcements within the group area! I my case, and I have no idea, what within the notifications is set wrong for me, I do get every single announcement and discussion notification of every single group within my the role of the lecturer. I don't want to get these notifications, but I want to get the notifications for announcements and discussions within the course. - I can only choose all or nothing but not announcement vs. group announcement. I am not member of any student group, I get notifications for, but the groups are in the courses, that I am teaching. - so for all the readers above: yes there is a way - but as long as I don't know, how to turn it off, I can't tell you, how to enable/disable it. If anybody could help me to find out, what notification-option I did wrong, thx in advance!

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