[People] Add year to course "Last Activity" date in People tab


When viewing the People page of a Canvas course, there is a field for the user's last activity in the course. The display for that field is [Month], [Day], at [Time]. The year is not visible unless you hover over the date/time.

In long-running courses, it is helpful to know the year of a person's last course activity without having to move the cursor over the date/time. I'd like to see the year added to this field in the user interface.

The attached screenshot is from Instructure's Instructor guide on using the people page (https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-use-the-People-page-in-a-course-as-an-i...). Here, you can see the date format, which includes just month, date, and time - no year.

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Agreed, we need this.  Screenshot below.  The only reason I know this September date is not this year is because we are not at Sept. 2022 yet.  I have no way of knowing if it is 2021, 2020, or earlier.


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Community Coach

I totally agree. I just ran into this issue yesterday while cleaning up a few old courses.  With only a few enrollments, hovering to get the full date isn't too bad, but for courses with a lot of enrollments it's a real pain point.


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The year is not currently listed when I hover under Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

Could the full date please be added to the People screen and the user's details screen for non-students within a course.
(I can see the year when clicking on students within the People page, but a student may not be the last person to have visited the course.)

I could also mention that it would be good to have the year listed in the Assignments Index and Discussions Index screens, for example.

(While the devs are at it, adding the year in the page views section in the user's profile would also be useful. The date is listed in the page views csv file but I'm guessing people would prefer to be able to find this without having to download.)

At the moment, I need to look at places like Announcements, Discussion posts, Quiz responses or the FIles screen to try to work out when users last interacted with a course.

I also can't easily use provisioning reports to try and find out dates since dates are not often listed in them.


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