Please link to Kaltura inside Speed Grader Comment Dialogue Box

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I'd like to post Kaltura videos as comments/feedback to students inside speed grader.  Can you link to Kaltura inside the comment box like you have in other dialogue boxes? 

Thank you!


Kevin Belknap

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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing this idea, @belknakn . As the assignment comments box is a plain text field, development of this idea would be contingent upon having the Rich Content Editor (RCE) in the assignment comments box of Speedgrader, so please add your support to the long-standing and actively monitored request,  Rich Text Editor in Speedgrader Comments . Should that feature be developed, schools with Kaltura licenses will be able to add Kaltura to the Media button of the RCE as one of their preferred media sources, which would then accommodate recording via Kaltura.