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Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
The Quiz Build page provides quiz printing options. For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21).

As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe established for the quiz for all other students, etc.


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Originally posted by: Pacific Union College admins

Special thanks for contributions from: Betsy Walker, John Louviere



Community Team Note: This idea remains open for voting. A virtually identical idea was moved forward for consideration in March:  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.

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Yes, please! Some students have accommodations that require pencil and paper, or sometimes students don't have good wifi access (very rural) and need paper sent home (especially in quarantine). This feature would be very helpful!

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This would be a huge step forward in terms of making accommodations for all of my students, but especially my students with 504, IEP, or even ELL needs.

-I can quickly and easily provide a paper copy for students who are not tested on computers or who do not have reliable internet access.
-I can provide a quiz to a student who may be testing outside of the normal window to accommodate absences or separate setting issues that sometimes require the student to test on a different day.
-I could provide the same quiz to a group of students who receive read aloud while giving everyone else the jumbled and random quiz pulled from my question bank. This way the teacher in charge of read aloud can use one test and not confuse anyone in the group.

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It would be great if teachers had the ability to print created quizzes in Canvas for student who were in need of a paper copy.

Community Participant

We can use Respondus 4.0 for this purpose for Classic Quizzes but not for New Quizzes (

Our faculty need this ability as they are required to save a .pdf version of all their exams. 

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The ability to generate print friendly exams in from Canvas quizzes would allow instructors to better utilize question banks across in-class and online assessments.  For example, one could create online practice quizzes from past years' exams if those exams had been stored in a Canvas question bank.

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Canvas also needs to allow for the New Quiz format to be downloaded and printed like it was available under the Classic quiz.  Those are two things that are worse/more restrictive under the NEW format.  

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We need this asap. Please!!!

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This feature is desperately needed for a variety of reasons.  I agree with the need for many of the comments already listed, but also as documentation to take with me to evaluations, as well as for future reference.   I mark on a key for every quiz I give (that isn't Canvas at this time) for notes and references of why students may miss a question or to analyze the questions.  I realize that Canvas does the analytics as well, but I would like a printout of my quiz so I can mark and make observations in realtime as students are quizzing.  For example, "Students were confused by the wording of this question" or "next time, be sure to include this ___________" in the instructions.

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As a faculty member, I need the ability to print out a full set of questions that I have added to a quiz (with answers and feedback). There currently doesn't seem to be an option to do this easily, other than screen capture by question.

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We are running into multiple hurdles when printing our Canvas quizzes, etc for students who need a paper copy of our digitally created materials. Please add a function on Canvas that would allow teachers to easily print the digital materials we are creating. While most students can function in the digital world, there are instances when modifications and paper copies may be needed for some of our most precious learners. Please make this easy for teachers to do.

Community Participant

For those who are into Python, or knows someone that can execute such programs, I've written a small utility that transforms Canvas QTI exports into Word (and from there to PDF) or JSON. It's not complete, but it's a start for those that wants to have something in another format. 

Unfortunately it only supports version 1 quiz as there is no export for New Quiz in Canvas.

The utility simply called qti-convert can be found here:

All the best,
Rolf Johansson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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As a professor, I would like the capacity to download quizzes into microsoft word.  Some faculty might want students to have this capacity too -- although I expect that most would want to be able to choose whether or not to make that capacity available.

Thank you

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This is critical functionality not only for students with accommodations but also for accreditation. Please include this capability ASAP. At the very least, allow new quizzes to be exported so that they can be opened with Respondus 4.0 or some such program to create the printout/.pdf


Community Participant

I'm not sure why this hasn't been addressed by Canvas yet. This is vital when it comes to sharing assessments with accreditation teams, accommodations, etc.  How can we share new quizzes with accreditation teams who need to see examples of tests? A PDF would be ideal. 

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Please make this happen

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I agree that it would be nice if quizzes would be printable in PDF format.  I am working with several students who are really struggling with depression and the online work isn't getting done by them. They prefer paper/pencil and really miss that component of classes.  I would like to be able to print these and give them to them without having to go to all  the work of printing and copying screenshots.

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This idea is great!

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Yes!  I have paper only accommodations for testing that need this feature asap!  Love using New Quizzes....need this accessibility feature for my students!

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This would be a great feature! We were able to do this with our old LMS and it creates a lot of extra work when a printed exam is needed.

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I am disheartened to see that this need was highlighted in 2015--six years ago. Is there a point to commenting here?

My need is similar to this, but would build on this functionality. I would like to be able to set, for each quiz, a feature that would automatically mail students a PDF file of completed, graded quiz, including my feedback, once I have graded all students' quizzes.

I'd also like to be able to name the quiz section, or a duplicate quiz section, and individual "quizzes" something else, like "Workbook" or "Practice". For lack of a dedicated feature, I've been using the quiz platform to create interactive, asynchronous lessons, in which students answer questions and practice concepts introduced in embedded content. The time they put in to these lessons would be much more worthwhile if they could collect PDF records for future reference.