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Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
The Quiz Build page provides quiz printing options. For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21).

As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe established for the quiz for all other students, etc.


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Originally posted by: Pacific Union College admins

Special thanks for contributions from: Betsy Walker, John Louviere



Community Team Note: This idea remains open for voting. A virtually identical idea was moved forward for consideration in March:  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.

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I totally agree with this.  Having an option to have a printed copy of the quiz would be awesome for those teachers that have students that must take tests on paper.  We have students that have concussions during various sports and are not allowed on a computer and everything has to be printed.  At this time a print screen is about the only way to do this without having to do a lot of copying and pasting.

Community Contributor

Though I'm not a huge fan of printing, I definitely agree with  @Gina_Hutchens ​ for the medical reason behind this, but also because some students have documented accommodations to take assessments via pencil/paper.  It's also helpful in the mass chaos unplanned outages cause.  A teacher can run a hard backup for just-in-case situations.

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I receive the requests from instructors each year on how to effectively print their quizzes in Canvas.  A printing feature would be helpful for special needs, editing, etc.

Community Champion

Especially now that all the new Community pages seem to have the handy-dandy "View As PDF" option ... a similar standard feature on Canvas objects would be welcome.canvas-community-view-as-pdf.png

Community Team
Community Team

I've heard many teachers in my building ask about this functionality as well. While we'd like to be 100% paperless, sometimes students have accommodations to meet. A nice printing feature would be great!

Community Champion

If you have Respondus licensing, you can use that software as a workaround to create paper versions of Canvas quizzes. The following link to a page at the University of Utah (thank you!) provides the steps on how to accomplish the task: Knowledge Article 

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I agree! I've just created a number of quiz banks with the help of my TAs. Unfortunatley, we've discovered a couple of duplications. As this particular bank has 110 questions at the last count, it's really difficult to check this on the screen. A printable version would be much easier.

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Yes, this is a must.  There are a number of use cases for printing out quizzes on paper including as an accommodation, to allow easy editing or review or to allow an alternate attempt in a low tech situation.

A Print option would:

  • format it to break cleanly between questions instead of in the middle
  • include the answer options selections in a way they could be answered on paper so for example drop down boxes would turn into a list to select from
  • would minimize any images, navigation, headers, footers, etc for efficient printing
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I just assumed that this was possible (to print an exam) especially for an accommodation.  I will have to use the Respondus workaround, but it would have been nice to just do it simply from Canvas (as I am a huge fan of the MLS so far.)

New Member

I am having the same issue. Right now, I'm having to copy and paste the quiz to Word and then go in and change the page breaks, font, etc because of accommodation issues. For software that has been very user friendly and efficient, not having the print option wastes a lot of time.


I completely agree with adding this functionality.  We have many students in our district that have the accommodation written in their IEP that all assessments be given on paper.  This makes it very difficult for the instructor if they use the drop-down feature.  Print Screen does not work in this case.

Community Contributor

May I ask that this request include both quizzes AND test banks? It doesn't make much sense to print a quiz when the questions come from larger test banks as you won't get all the questions.

BTW, my work around is to create an exam that uses the entire test bank, preview it, copy the whole page, paste it into Word.

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I was under the impression that this was already possible?  My teacher in BA101 prints the quiz each week for the students to take in class, maybe it is through the business book and not through canvas.

Community Champion

This sounds pretty interesting! I just had an instructor this morning ask about printing out one of his question banks in one of his courses. I'm going to try this to see if it works for question banks as well as quizzes. Even if it doesn't, this is still a good resource for our office to use if an instructor needs to print a quiz out of Canvas.

Thanks for the resource!

Community Champion

This is a request we frequently receive, for a variety of purposes such as those listed above. Currently, it can be handled through Respondus, but as many of our instructors are on Macs, this option is not available to them.

New Member

This is probably the question I get most often from faculty. They ask, "How do I print out my quiz in a nice format?" When I give them the answer, I get "What, you have to be kidding." I would love to see this feature in Canvas. Having the ability to print out an answer key would be nice as well.

Community Contributor

I get lots of requests for easier quiz printing. 

New Member

When we were in our legacy LMS (Sakai) this was one of the features that the faculty really enjoyed: while the PDFs from that system were a bit clunky (spacing / formatting wise), it was extremely helpful in the event that a student needed to come in and take a test for accessibility reasons or for makeup purposes. This feature would greatly impact our Disability Student Services office as they administer paper and pencil tests from Sakai to our students on a regular basis--they just print the PDF from the course's Sakai page. Thanks so much for opening this feature to voting!

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I think the print feature would be very helpful!  Even the ability to just export to a PDF would be fantastic! Smiley Happy

New Member

Please make this happen.  We have needed this feature since we have been on Canvas.