Provide official support for Kurzweil screen readers


Kurzweil screen readers are widely used, and it would greatly help to know that Canvas supports this product officially. This would help a great number of students, staff, and faculty to more easily access Canvas courses. 


Hello, @darrinj!

We base the browser/screen reader combinations we support on the most broadly used, and most generally applicable tools. That means a tool like NVDA, JAWS, or VoiceOver are overwhelmingly the most popular and also have general usage applications for the user (lending to their popularity) over one or a handful of uses.

Additionally, for us "officially support" means we test and ensure compatibility, which is why we have to keep the list to the most widely used tools by those users who need accessibility tools. But because Canvas is built on web standard technologies it may be compatible with other tools that work with those standards. 

We monitor this space so when a tool becomes more widely used, or falls out of favor (I'm look at you, internet explore!) we can update what we support and test for.

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Kurzweil is one of the main tools we provide as an accommodation to students at our college. We've been noticing some inconsistencies with New Quizzes and Kurzweil on Google Chrome. It did seem to work better in Firefox. I'd be in support of it making it into the list of tools mentioned above.