Redesign Proposal (Student's UI): Submission Details, Grade and Peer Review Pages



The current submission details page is very hard to use due to a lot of overlapping and cramped placement of small-sized windows in the Submission Details, and Peer Review pages of canvas.

Here I talk through a proposal design I made, then analyse the current layout.

Proposal Design:

I propose a one-page, single column design for the Submission Details page to simplify it and make it much more easy to use.

345320_canvas complain.png

The same layout can be applied to the peer review UI.

For the Peer Review page however, instead of displaying the rubric in the first window, show the student's document and peer review tools within that space, with the comments bar at the bottom of the window and full width.

If you'd like a mockup of this ask for it in the comments and I'll edit it in. For now I have other tasks to get done

Problem Details:

In the following, the grade is a very small element in the top corner which is hard to notice, while the comments section is quite narrow, getting in the way of viewing the assignment itself.

Also to note, the document preview is very nested within many boxes making it very hard to read and use, especially while editing. It would be great if this could be fixed as it is very hard to add comments to the document for peer reviews

345269_Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.12.34 pm.png

When trying to view the rubric, it appears in a window that is very small, reading the rubric requires a lot of zooming and scrolling, while the narrow columns make it hard to read fluently;

345270_Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.12.39 pm.png

In addition, there are some alignment issues with the mobile iOS app:

iPhone X, iOS 13.3, Canvas v6.8.1.


Community Participant

I like this, except would students have to click "view submission" to see instructor in-text comments/annotations? I leave a lot of feedback there, and many students never find it unless I teach them where to look. I don't think many would. Maybe "view submission/instructor comments"? But that's long...

Community Participant

it would be great if instructor annotations could also be more visible as suggested above by @Anna_Shaver, but I like this overall design...

Community Explorer

Another big factor on this is that it should provide an obvious route to get to the assignment details.  I have a large portion of my students that click on Grades and then see a missing assignment.  They click on the assignment which is an intuitive step, they are then directed to the Submission Details, this page, but it is then not intuitive to find the information needed to complete the assignment.  I would propose that these details simply be included at the bottom of the assignment page instead of on their own separate page. 

Community Champion

You might also want provide feedback about this proposed update to the way students interact with assignment submissions

Community Explorer

I agree. I was surprised when I was in "Student View" that comments I leave for students is almost impossible to find. It is in tiny 6 point type only after clicking on Submission Details. If this is the primary feedback from the instructor to the student about how they are being graded, it should be be treated as such in the design of the page.

Community Member

I agree it is not user friendly. I would love the students to have a page for submission details similar to the Speed Grader page I use as a teacher so they can see all feedback at once.

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