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This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

The Grade Center can be viewed and filtered by student group. This is great!  However, when the teacher attempts to use the Speed Grader to grade the hundreds of students in the course, there is no way to filter the Speed Grader by Student Group. The only way we have found is the onerous process of also creating sections.  Groups seem to be imported automatically for viewing in the grade center- but this does not carry through to the speed grader.

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We can't use the section approach because (faculty don't have the ability to create a section) so it would be very help if Speedgrader could also filter by groups.  That's the actual functionality that faculty are seeking most of the time when they divide up the grading in a large class.

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We’ve been seeing more and more requests for this ability as well because for us sections are being used by our SIS for enrollments and groups are created for/by teachers and students for “student work” that might cross sections that are already “combined” into one course.

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We were excited to see the gradebook enhancement to filter by groups.  However, we also run into the issue of Instructional Coordinators who help facilitate our 350+ enrollment courses were unable to filter by groups in speedgrader.  This suggestion will be extremely helpful to those faculty members.  Can we also have an added feature of downloading assignment submissions by groups as well?

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admin_bu_carr‌, that is the subject of a different feature idea: is the most closely related.

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For the love of God implement this. Why have a group designation if the downstream functionality is so limited?

Simple use case: single section, many TAs, each assigned a number of groups to grade. Filtering by group in SpeedGrader would allow each TA to quickly mark only their own students. Currently graders must wade through drop-down lists (not even a search bar). 

I shudder at how much time is wasted on this vs. how quickly it could be programmed. 


There was a feature released in Sept 2019 that allows you to launch speed grader filtered by a student group, the Canvas guide for this one is here: 

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Comments from Instructure

For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2019-09-21) 

(Thanks to  @jayde_colquhoun ‌ for bringing this to the fore.)

A request for an enhancement to the filter by student group setting is currently open at