Variable Time-frame Assignment Due Dates


A Canvas feature for teachers to create assignments that have a set time-period allowed for each student to complete the assignment. The teacher can create assignments and customize a "hard due-date" and a "time-allotted" parameter, such that a student may see a preview of the assignment, and choose to unlock the assignment. For example, when the student chooses to unlock the assignment, they shift their version of the assignment's due date to their current time plus the "time-allotted," and must complete the assignment by the end of their given time-frame. However, no matter the fact if or when the student unlocks the assignment, the latest due-date allowed by the assignment defaults to the "hard due-date" parameter specified by the teacher upon assignment creation. 

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Community Coach

So, basically, you want to add a timer to the assignment, right? Like in Quizzes?

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We are also now needing an Assignment timer feature similar to quizzes for exams that are proctored but use the Assignment Tool instead of the normal Timed Quiz tool for an exam. 

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I requested this feature a few years ago. I want a timer added to assignments. The reason is that I want to give quizzes and exams that use an LTI. It's really that simple.

Alternative: add the ability to launch an LTI in quizzes. This would accomplish the same thing.

Seriously, this seems like such a simple thing to do. Please make it happen.

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