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"Either/or" module prerequisites

"Either/or" module prerequisites

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Setting up conditional "either/or" prerequisites for a module would be a nice addition to Canvas.

As an example, we teach a number of hands-on courses in our instructional lab, such as 3D printing. Before attending 3D printing, students must attend one of two safety courses on campus, both of which are modules in the course. Students can attend a safety course with us (one module) OR at another location (another module in the same course) and then gain access to 3D printing. They're not required to take both. 

Currently, modules only allow for one prerequisitie or multiple additive prerequisites (in other words, ALL prerequisites modules need to be complete before access). Including the ability to complete one prerequisite module OR another module would help students learn through different paths and ultimately end up with the same learning competencies. Similar in function to Mastery Paths, but on a slightly different scale.

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I like the idea of having more options in the module requirements beyond students must do everything selected, or everything in order.  One way to provide either or options would be by using headers to apply the requirements to groups of module activities, and so you might likeAllow headers within modules to subdivide module requirements and set other headers as prerequisite....