How do I enable Course Reports LTI as an App in Canvas?

Integrate Impact Course Reports LTI as an App for users in Canvas.

Open Canvas Help Menu

Open Canvas Help Menu

In Canvas Global Navigation, click the Admin button.

Add Developer Key

In the Admin Menu, open the Developer Keys page [1]. Click the + Developer Key button [2] followed by + LTI Key [3].

Key Settings

Click the Method dropdown [1] and select Enter URL [2].

Configuration URL

In your Impact General Settings, copy the configuration URL from the Course Report LTI Settings instructions.

Insert the JSON URL [1] and Key Name [2]. Then click the Save button [3].

Copy Developer Key

In the Details column, copy the Developer Key [1] for your new LTI. Click the Developer Key to On [2].

If an Impact instance is connected to multiple Canvas instances, there are multiple options. Click the correct LTI Version 1.3 and add the developer key from the Canvas account.

Note: If there is another Canvas instance that is connected to this Impact instance then you would have to generate a key for that LMS domain.

Add LTI Key

LTI Keys

In your Impact Dashboard General Settings, click the Add LTI Key button.

Add LTI Key

Add the Developer Key from Canvas [1] and click the Save and Resume button [2].

Create App Configuration

Canvas Help Menu Settings

In Canvas Global Navigation, click the Settings button.

In the top navigation, click the Apps tab [1]. Then click the View App Configurations button [2].

Click the + App button.

Click the Configuration Type dropdown [1] and select By Client ID [2].

In the Client ID textbox [1], paste the developer key. Then, click the Submit button [2].

This will enable the course tool when you go to a course. When opened, it generates the Course Report Tool.

LTI Opt-in

Note: The LTI is visible to admins by default. to make the LTI Opt-in follow the steps below.

LTI Opt in

In Canvas Global Navigation, click the Admin button [1]. Then open the Developer Keys page [2].

Edit Impact Course Reports Key

Click the Edit Key button.

Change Configuration Method

Change the configuration method from Manual entry by selecting Paste JSON.

In the LTI 1.3 Configuration text box, find the "placements" tag in the JSON configuration and add the "default" tag with a "disabled" value followed by a comma [1].

Then click the Save button [2].

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