Course Based and Term Based Messaging

Theme Overview

As an administrator I would like to be able to target my messaging to specific courses and terms.

What value could this provide to users?

  • Course-based and term-based messaging to allow targeting a course or group of courses within a larger subaccount


Why was this theme chosen to open for voting?

October 2023 • Providing the ability to communicate with users of a single or multiple courses and terms allows Impact Admin to inform, remind, and support users of various roles enrolled in the course(s) via messages, campaigns, and walkthroughs.


Status changed to: Open for Voting
Community Participant

Adding a feature such as custom user groups for courses will also be beneficial when admins would like to target a bulk of courses.

Community Contributor

Term based communication will help greatly to ensure we are targeting active students for something related for a certain semester (current and future).  And maybe even needing to targeting students in a past term/semester that doesn't impact (no pun intended) current students.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Post Voting Review

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