Minus signs disappear in Quizzes

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Problem: in several different Quizzes, the minus signs in my Math equation disappear. The problem occurs randomly on different computers, different days and even on the same day, same webbrowser, it can differ whether you can see the minus sign or not.

I use the Formula Editor to copy my LaTeX math equations. See below for a screenshot: the minus sign is missing, while it is inserted in the math equation: \int_{ -1 }. It also happen with more simple equations...

I hope one of you can help me to solve this issue! It is really important that I can trust the Formula Editor and that students see the same things while making their exams!


Minteken bug Canvas.PNG

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Some of my students are having the same issue. Here is picture of what happens.  Of all the symbols, why the minus sign??  Most figure out the minus for the 1, but not all notice there should be a minus in front of the 3 as well.

Canvas Issue Minus Sign.jpg

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Someone emailed me this regarding the negative sign display yesterday: 

There is a known issue some are experiencing in which negative or minus signs are not displaying correctly in Canvas. Right-clicking the equation and opening it in a new tab or zooming in on the image fixes the issue, but if you want to avoid the issue altogether then you can disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome

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I have used the Wiris Chem editor in my Canvas courses to enter equations, polyatomic ions, etc. The app is available in the app list in course settings. I haven’t received any reports from students about negative/minus signs not appearing.


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Try updating Chrome to version 88 (recently released).  This may be related to a bug in Chrome where certain svg lines were not rendering correctly.  I was experienceing this issue over the last few weeks and updated my browser yesterday.  The minus signs seem to have reappeared.  Yay!

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