How do I create a recurring event in a calendar as an instructor?

When creating a calendar event, if you want to create the same event multiple times for a course, you can create a recurring (or repeating) event. Recurring events creates multiple copies of the event every day, week, month, or year. For example, you may create a recurring course event for student study groups every week. You will not grade students on whether or not they have participated in the study group, but you are providing a resource activity on a specific day to help them organize their time and prepare for your course more efficiently.

You can also create duplicate calendar events for course sections.

Tips for recurring events:

  • Weekly events are repeated on the day of the week of the first event. For example, if an event is created on a Monday and repeats weekly, the next instance of the event will appear on the following Monday, regardless of the actual date.‬
  • ‪Monthly events are repeated on the day of the month of the first event. For example, if an event is created on July 6 and repeats monthly, the next instance of the event will appear on August 6. ‬

Note: Events that include a conferencing link in the description or location field display a Join button on students' List View Dashboard.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

Add Event

Make sure  the checkbox of the course in which you're making an event is selected [1].

Click any date on the calendar to add an event [2]. Or, click the arrows next to the month name to navigate to a different month [3] and select a date.

If you don't want to manually locate the date, you can click the Add icon [4].

Add Event Details

Add Event Details

Enter a title for the event [1].

Depending on how you added your event, the date may be populated for you. If not, enter a date in the date field [2].

The calendar times may also be populated for you in the From fields [3]. To edit, use the dropdown or enter the start and end time for your event. To create an all-day event, leave the From fields blank so there is no start and end time for your event.

In the Frequency drop-down menu, you can set recurring calendar events [4].

You can enter a location [5].

In the Calendar drop-down menu [6], select the course calendar [7].


Add Event Frequency

Add Event Frequency

In the Frequency drop-down menu [1], you can select from multiple recurring options, including no repeat, daily, weekly, monthly, annually, every weekday, or a custom frequency.

Notes: Each frequency selection has an occurrence default:

  • daily = 365 (days in a year)
  • weekly = 52 (weeks in a year)
  • monthly = 12 (months in a year)
  • annually = 5 (The event will occur for five years)
  • every weekday = 52 * 5 (weeks in a year * weekdays)
  • Additionally, users can have a maximum of 400 occurrences.

Add Event Custom Frequency

Add Event Custom Frequency

To create a custom recurring event, select how often the event repeats [1], which day(s) it repeats on [2], and when it ends [3]. Click the Done button [4].

Submit Event

Submit Event

To add additional details to your event, click the More Options button [1]. You can use the Rich Content Editor to add a description or resource links and add an address location.

If you only want to create the event as a placeholder and add details later, click the Submit button [2]. You can edit your event at any time.

View Events

View the events in your course calendar.