How do I limit a user to only interact with other users in the same course section?

If your course includes multiple sections, you can limit users in a section to only see users enrolled in the same section. This option is useful when several sections have been cross-listed into a single course.

You can set limitations when adding users to a course, or after students have already been added to the course.

Limiting students to interact by section only affects Collaborations, People, and Conversations. When enrolling instructors and TAs, section limitations allow those users to grade students in their same section(s).

Discussion topics and Pages are not affected by section limitations and can be viewed by any student. These feature areas could be restricted by creating content in course groups.


  • The option to limit a user displays even if there is only one section in the course.
  • You can also hide the section column from students on the People page to prevent students from viewing course sections.
  • Teachers and TAs who are not limited to a specific Section, still receive notifications for new Announcements sent to other course Sections.

Open People

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Locate User

In the search field [1], search for the name of the user. You can also filter users by role in the Roles drop-down menu [2].

Open User Details

Click the user's Options icon [1], then select the User Details link [2].

View Memberships

Locate the Membership Section in the user details page.

If your institution has enabled Profiles, the Membership page displays directly in the page.

View More User Details

If Profiles is not enabled for your institution, you can view the Membership Section by clicking the more user details link.

Limit User to Section

Click the Limit this user to only see fellow section users link.

Let User See All Sections

Verify the user can only view students in their section.

Note: If you want to allow the student to view students in any course section again, click the let this user see all course users link.