How do I regrade a quiz question in New Quizzes?

You can regrade a question for a quiz in New Quizzes. Regrading allows you to change the correct answer or point value for a question. The point value can also be changed for individual answers for questions with varied point values.

Regrading only applies to completed submissions. If all students will be affected by the regrade, please wait for all submissions before regrading.

Regrading is not available for Essay or File Upload questions. For Categorization questions, you can only change point values; you cannot change correct answers for this question type.

Learn how to grade quiz submissions.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open SpeedGrader

Open SpeedGrader

Find the quiz you want to regrade [1]. Then hover the cursor over the assignment column header and click the Options icon [2]. Click the SpeedGrader link [3].

Click Regrade Button

In any student submission, find the question you want to regrade [1]. Then click the Regrade button [2].

Change Correct Answer

To change the correct answer for a question, select the correct answer for the question.

Note: This step shows how to regrade a Multiple Choice question. The steps to change a correct answer vary based on the question type.

Change Point Value

If the question varies points by answer, you can change the point total in the Points field for each question [1].

If the question has an overall point value, you can change the question point value in the Points field [2].

Click Regrade Button

Click Regrade Button

Click the Regrade button.

Select Regrade Option

Select Regrade Option

Select how to apply the regrade from the following options:

  • award points for correct answer(s) only [1]
  • award points for both current and previous correct answers [2]
  • award points for any submitted answers [3]
  • give everyone full credit [4]

 To save your choice and regrade the question for all current submissions, click the Regrade button [5].

Note: Awarding full points for correct answers only may reduce some students' scores.

View Question Regrade

All current student submissions are regraded. You can view the student's original score [1] and the regraded score [2].

Note: You may need to refresh the page to view the currently selected student's regraded scores.