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Instructure Roadmap


Q1 2023


Q2-Q3 2023


Q4 2023 & BEYOND

Improved account reports now include New Quiz outcome data, enabling administrators to improve impact of their programs.

Updated migration functionality enables users to quickly and conveniently export New Quizzes outside of their Canvas account.

Instructors can now access Item Analysis within hours or less, with meaningful data to ensure quiz effectivness.

New API endpoints allow administrators, development teams, and proctoring partners to seamlessly integrate with quiz software and improve quiz building processes.

The New Quizzes submissions API will enable instructors and administrators to submit student quiz attempts and retrieve student test submission data to enhance reporting and inform learning outcomes.

Instructors can download the Outcomes Analysis Report for a New Quiz, improving insights for data-driven decision making about teaching and learning.

New Quizzes will now allow students to build on their last attempt to show improved learning and mastery of concepts assessed.

Instructors will be able to share New Quizzes content both within and outside of their organization by use of a common cartridge file to foster greater collaboration.

Phase 3 of the Rich Content Editor (RCE) integration will allow instructors to leverage 3rd party apps in New Quizzes, delivering a compelling and engaging quiz experience.

Expanded API endpoints enable administrators to easily download data for a comprehensive look at quiz effectiveness, allowing them to use the data as needed to create custom reports and support learning outcomes.

New Quizzes submissions API will enable Educators and administrators to quickly retrieve student test submission data to enhance reporting and inform learning outcomes.

Instructors can use detailed student analysis reports to gain deeper insights into student understanding and activity on quizzes.

Instructors will be able to provide just-in-time accommodations of additional time for students, ensuring equitable access in the quizzing process.

API enhancements equip admins and instructors with the tools to customize test-taking accommodations within quizzes, providing the functionality to adapt to different levels of student need and improving testing experiences.

New Quizzes will now allow instructors to gather anonymous student feedback, to collect insights and improve the learning experience.

Enhanced grading capabilities in New Quizzes will allow educators to enable anonymous grading, reducing the perception of bias in the classroom.

Instructors will be able to share New Quizzes in Canvas Commons, empowering them to better collaborate and save time on content curation.

Instructors can create practice quizzes that are tailored to their teaching and learning needs and maintain the quality of gradebooks.

Instructors will be able to manage results visibility settings within a New Quiz, streamlining feedback and instructional quality for students.

Outcome-alignments will now be included in both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes, allowing educators and administrators to more efficiently migrate quiz content between formats.

New letter-grade-only functionality allows for more flexibility in showing student progress without the need for traditional points and percentages.

Human Captioning integration in Studio will enable personalized captioning for teachers that aligns to current accessibility standards and supports an inclusive learning experience for students.

Item Authoring Pop Over allows educators to customize assessments for students who need additional language or context support on assessments.

Administrators can now measure Canvas usage, course success, and student engagement across their institutions with the ability to filter to more granular data via enhanced analytics tools.

Canvas Administrators can now access a new API delivering near-real time Canvas data with greater flexibility and less operational costs.

The New Mastery Library will simplify access to reports for customers using both Mastery Connect and K-12 Analytics, helping educators to visualize answers to common questions and leverage insights to improve the quality of reporting content.

Inclusion of mobile app data in Impact ensures admininstrators have more complete and accurate insights to help drive targeted communications to end users.

Improved usage data from LTI app tracking ensures admins have complete and reliable data visualizations.

This feature facilitates the integration of Impact into New Quizzes, empowering admins with deeper usage tracking and the ability to deliver element-based messaging.

Refined Catalog reporting filters and engagement data helps Administrators optimize high-value course offerings.

Admins can customize brand colors and logos to ensure their online marketplace blends seamlessly with their university brand, leading to improved conversion of prospective students.

Role and hierarchy-based permissions enable sub-account admins to use Impact within their school/faculty/department, supporting accurate reporting.

Administrators can better secure the Mastery assessment experience by using the Respondus Lockdown for Chromebooks.

Impact administrators can now leverage the feature User Groups to customize audience segmentation and optimize communication to improve adoption and engagement.

Out-of-the-box walkthroughs and improved accessibility features help drive new user engagement, ensuring deeper and consistent adoption of course functionality with educators and students.

The Embed Customization provides improved flexibility for managing Studio media, empowering educators to design engaging curriculum.

All end users will have increased autonomy to delete and merge accounts, saving time and eliminating the need to contact support.

Enhanced gradebook functionality allows educators to submit an assignment on a student's behallf in order to support students struggling with submission and capture evidence of classroom assignments.

The updated Captioning Experience in Studio empowers teachers to improve student engagement via a new captioning editor, equipping students with controls to personalize their captioning experience.

Dutch institutions can now use Canvas Student ePortfolios, Canvas Student Pathways and Canvas Program Assessment in their native language.

The Impact Virtual Assistant quickly connects students and instructors with the support they need, creating faster resolution time and greater user agency.

Educators can convert existing Canvas Classic Quizzes to Mastery deliverable assessments within Mastery Connect, saving time with seamless transition between systems.

A New Assessment Experience enables educators to more quickly and effectively create standards-aligned assessments to measure student learning.

Educators will be able to share quizzes with each other saving effort and increasing student learning gains.

Expanded (Studio) Usage Data will provide admins with on demand access to viewership data and insights that are more easily exportable in order to drive adoption across their institutions.

Teachers using Course Pacing will be able to edit and adjust individual student paces, allowing teachers more flexibility and providing greater personalization for students.

Single Sign On enables seamless access to multiple Instructure solutions via one login, improving user experience and supporting increased platform adoption.

Assignment enhancements make peer review more easily accessible within a course, improving student collaboration and assignment completion.

Improved rubrics enables instructors to provide more meaningful feedback and and self assessment support encourages learner agency.

Released in Q4 2022

Increase student engagement with feedback that has never been clearer with new indicators, icons, and easy access to feedback on the student grades page.

Associated Outcome: Feedback and Self-Assessment Improvements For Students

Instructors can create targeted interventions for their learners with the New Quizzes outcomes-aligned data that are now in the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

Associated Outcome: Getting New Quizzes Migration Ready

Account-level Outcome Results Reports now include New Quiz outcome data, enabling administrators to improve impact of their programs.

Associated Outcome: Getting New Quizzes Migration Ready

Support for blueprinting and quiz locking in new quizzes helps administrators efficiently manage quiz content at scale.

Associated Outcome: Getting New Quizzes Migration Ready

Consistency in content creation for Instructors is achieved with the phased integration of the Rich Content Editor (RCE) in New Quizzes.

Associated Outcome: Getting New Quizzes Migration Ready

Alignment summaries allow Instructors to easily surface gaps in learning outcomes, enabling effective curriculum development and supporting meaningful student engagement.

Associated Outcome: Improving Adoption and Engagement

Customizable page scheduling enables educators to plan work ahead and reduce overall planning time

Associated Outcome: Learning Prep Time Savers

Communicating key dates across your institution is easier than ever with shared account and sub-account calendars that instructors and learners can easily choose to add to their calendars

Associated Outcome: Learning Prep Time Savers

More granular controls and permission settings make BigBlueButton easier to use, while also giving teachers much needed security and control.

Associated Outcome: Learning Prep Time Savers

New Quizzes blueprint support allows administrators to better manage quiz content at scale, to ensure consistency across courses/programs.

Associated Outcome: Optimizing Quizzes for Early Adopters

Admins in Canvas Catalog can save time and manual work with more control of bulk purchases across an entire catalog of courses, not just per listing.

Associated Outcome: Finer grained controls for Administrators

Admins in Canvas Catalog enjoy faster automated online course scheduling and reduce frustration with auto-removal of outdated listings in Catalog.

Associated Outcome: Finer grained controls for Administrators

Increase enrollments in Canvas Catalog by supporting payments from Xendit (SE Asia) in Catalog.

Associated Outcome: Improved regional payment flexibility

The in-browser video editor in Canvas Studio saves teachers time, enabling quick editing of uploaded videos and bypassing reliance on third-party editing software.

Associated Outcome: Improving Adoption and Engagement

New tools remove barriers for Spanish speaking students and familiarize them with state testing tools so they can more easily demonstrate their mastery of language curriculum.

Associated Outcome: Accessibility/ELL Learning

Teachers & Administrators can access Mastery View Predictive Assessment (MVPA) reports within Mastery Connect, providing a cohesive reporting experience and improved visibility across all mastery-based data.

Associated Outcome: More Targeted K12 Student Performance Reporting

Availability of additional item-level data will equip administrators and educators to view gaps in student understanding, enabling improved teaching in service of state assessment.

Associated Outcome: More Targeted K12 Student Performance Reporting

Texas school districts can easily and accurately validate and submit their data to the State to ensure compliance with key regulatory requirements.

Associated Outcome: Faster Insights With Improved Reporting

Customers using Canvas LMS and K-12 Analytics benefit from new dashboards which deliver insights across student demographic groups and programs, enabling easy viewing of student outcomes.

Associated Outcome: More Targeted K12 Student Performance Reporting