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InstructureCast is the podcast where we open the doors to a world of educational marvels. Formerly known as Canvascasters, we’ve embraced the bigger picture to include Instructure’s dynamic portrait of the entire educational ecosystem. Join us as we dive into the heart of learning. 

Let's meet our hosts!


Melissa Loble

5.pngMelissa Loble, Chief Academic Officer, leads Instructure’s customer success and services organizations. She’s a champion for crucial customer-focused topics like data usage and privacy—and it’s her personal mission to drive innovation in our customer experience and enable customers to leverage our solutions in engaging and effective learning environments. Melissa has spent 20 years in educational technology working for a number of technology suppliers and educational institutions, as well as teaching leadership courses on managing technology for educational change. She has a master’s degree in educational policy from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Ryan Lufkin

4.pngRyan Lufkin, VP of Global Strategy, has two decades of experience in the edtech world beginning with Utah-based start-up Campus Pipeline, the first html portal for higher education. Since then he’s worked with every major system schools use to deliver education, from the LMS (Canvas) to the SIS (Banner, Colleague) and all the systems in between (CampusPipeline, SCT Luminis, DegreeWorks) to help colleges and universities build their digital campus. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations/Communications from the University of Utah and certificates in Data-Driven Marketing and Brand Management from eCornell. 


Nicole Hiers


Nicole Hiers is a Principal Instructional Designer at Instructure and a forever educator, driven by her love for building mentorship and outreach opportunities for those in education. She is passionate about making learning fun and inclusive and especially connecting with other incredible people. Nicole is driven by her mission to help others, building connections founded on trust. Beyond work, Nicole is a wife, mother, and DIY-er who firmly believes in the incredible power of kindness and the amazing strength of the human heart.



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