Get S'more from Your Student Feedback Process with EvaluationKIT + Canvas

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Peter Pravikoff

EvaluationKIT - HigherEd

Student feedback is a critical input for managing quality and continuous improvement at every institution. However, gathering feedback from students can be challenging - from getting satisfactory response rates, to balancing the administration of evaluations with all of the other responsibilities one has, to getting informative reports to all of your faculty and administration in a timely way. EvaluationKIT simplifies this entire process for Canvas institutions by offering a one-of-a-kind turnkey integration with Canvas that streamlines the administration of surveys with thoughtful features that automate the process, maximize response rates, and provide your stakeholders with awesome reporting. You’ve seen the buzz on the Canvas Admin Community forums, join us for this session to learn how Canvas institutions of all sizes have been dramatically improving their course evaluation process by integrating EvaluationKIT with Canvas.

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