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Does anyone know how good the wifi and cell services are at the Keystone Resort?

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 @mbuonato ‌,

Being there last year I had no real issues with cell service (I'm on Verizon if that makes a difference to you). Wifi was pretty good and I thought as a whole it was much better than in Park City for the other InstructureCons I attended. The only time I seemed to have an issue was during a few sessions that were pretty crowded and a lot of people connected, particularly the Canvas for Teacher mobile app session since they encouraged live tweeting and did some give-a-ways where people were connected more. 

I know that connectivity is always a big issue and it is typically handled well, it just won't be flawless. Your mileage may very of course depending on your provider, devices & the particular sessions you attend. 

EDIT: I just realized you may be talking more about the resort area and not the conference area. Again my cell connectivity was pretty good and the condo I booked had free wifi so I didn't have any difficulty. On a separate note, I would bring some power sticks. There are station where you can juice up your devices, but I found it much more convenient to not have to sit by a wall each afternoon as my phone would slowly fade from the amount of notes and pictures I was taking.

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