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Reassign Assignment in Speedgrader

Good afternoon!  We love the Canvas for Elementary layout and appreciate all the hard work your team has put into this experience!

Currently, when a teacher grades an assignment in Speedgrader, they have the option to Reassign the assignment.  Normally I believe this shows in the student's To-do list, however in C4E it shows as "Redo" in the schedule tab on the due date of the assignment.  This makes it very easy for students to miss that the assignment has been reassigned unless they are looking back through completed assignments on their schedule tab.

Are we missing an easy way for students to see that assignments were reassigned, or is there a way to get these assignments to repopulate under "Missing" assignments for each course?

Thank you for your support and guidance!

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To get it into the Missing filter, the teacher would probably have to manually mark it as Missing in the SpeedGrader.