#paperpumpkin Rubrics!

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I LOVE the use of Rubrics within Canvas!

Scenario: Previously, I would print out dozens of copies of a rubric- I use rubrics to provide clear expectations for my students. Traditionally, I make copies to handout when I assign a project and ask for students to use them as a reference to guide them while they create their project. I also ask for them to hold onto them- so naturally you know what happens. The day they present their project, I end up making more copies and passing them out to those who lost the original rubric. I use the paper rubric to write my comments while they are presenting.

Canvas Solution: Build a rubric using Canvas Outcomes! The best feature to rubrics is that I can make comments on each criteria- as I would hand write all over the paper version. Canvas has done an amazing job mirroring the features of a paper rubric to an electronic rubric- and presents my comment clearly. Tip: when you use a rubric- make the comments on the criteria, but in the assignment comment box write, "Please see comments on the rubric." This will help direct your students to the detailed comments, which ultimately will help them develop the skill sets you are trying to build.

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I'm happy to go into more detail if you have any questions about creating or managing rubrics.