Override final grade with Restrict quantitative data enabled causes student grades page to display different total scores


This behavior has been resolved and deployed to the production environment as of 7/17/24.


When a teacher enables Restrict view of quantitative data and uses an override score for a users final grade, this will cause the students Grades page to display two different Total scores, the first being at the bottom of the page displaying their score before the override, and the second being in the top right corner displaying the score after it’s been overriden.

Expected Behavior

Instead on the grades page, it should display only a single total score.


If you disable Restrict View of Quantitative Data, the scores will align.

Steps to Reproduce

Prerequisites: A course that is using a grading scheme and has both Restrict View of Quantitative Data and Final Grade Overrides enabled.

  1. In this course, create an assignment worth points and grade a student for that assignment.

  2. After the assignment has been graded for the student, use the Override tool to grant a different letter grade score for the user.

  3. Then, act as the student and navigate to your grades page in the course. Notice that you are shown two different total scores, one at the bottom is before the override, the one in the top right is after the override.

Additional Info


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