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I'm brand new in the community and new to Canvas. We are running a pilot this spring where a few dozen faculty will be using Canvas instead of Blackboard. I'm the lone trainer at our campus for LMS systems.

Would anyone be kind enough who has been to this war share with me what they did for training?

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Canvas Essentials

Editing the menu

  • Setting your personal preferences
  • Inbox for communicating
  • Creating Pages
  • Setting a Home Page
  • Uploading files

Getting from Blackboard to Canvas

  • Informal moving of files from Blackboard to Canvas
  • Users will log into their Blackboard Course – download files – organize and cleanup files – upload files into Canvas
  • Users will learn how to incorporate these files into a Canvas course
  • Moving of quizzes, tests and surveys
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Checking feedback and scores
  • How to deploy a quiz

Canvas Grade Center Essentials

  • How to add a column in the Grade Center
  • Types of assignments

Canvas Communication Tools

  • Inbox
  • Live Chat
  • Conferencing tool

I've created the following instructional videos to share with you:

Getting started with Canvas - YouTube


Again, I'm in this battle alone and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Leona :smileygrin:

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