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Canvas Engagement - FastTrack: Canvas Admin Video Series

What is the Canvas FastTrack Video Series?

light-bulb-clip-art-LightBulb_L.gifSince Canvas was founded, in 2011, administrators have taken many different approaches to how they rollout Canvas at their institutions. There is not one perfect "one size fits all" way for everyone to implement Canvas and garner the attention and engagement to which most aspire.

The "FastTrack: Canvas Admin Video Series" is a quick video guide for Canvas Administrators to learn about a few of our admin level tools and how they can be shared with Instructors and Students. This series is designed to continue to help with driving adoption and engagement of all the features of Canvas.  For the next 16 days we will present a new 2 1/2 - 3 minute video to the Community. Everyone is encouraged to reply and share their personal insight, experiences, and advice.

Have an idea for a FastTrack topic: SHARE YOUR IDEAS FOR FUTURE QUESTIONS, HERE

Here's a listing of the FastTrack Videos...

Date:Canvas FastTrack Video Topic:
Episode 1
Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 1: Faculty Journals- Student Progress Tracking
Episode 2Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 2: ePortfolios- Curate & Collect Personal Work
Episode 3

Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 3: Scheduler- Check the Calendar

Episode 4Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 4: Open Registration- Email Only needed!
Episode 5Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 5: Self Enrollment- Sign Up for a Course
Episode 6Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 6: Self Registration: Observers and Students
Episode 7Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 7: Custom CSS by Mike Cowen
Episode 8Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 8: API Live by Mike Cowen
Episode 9Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 9: EduappCenter- White-Listing Apps
Episode 10Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 10: Attendance Tool- Attendance & Badging Participation
Episode 11Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 11: ePub Exporting- Offline Content
Episode 12Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 12: Module Content Export- More Offline Content
Episode 13Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 13: Help Menu Updated- Empower that Menu
Episode 14Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 14: Account Level Question Banks
Episode 15Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 15: Reports We Love
Episode 16Film-48.pngFastTrack: Canvas Admin Episode 16: Public & Institution Visibility of Courses and WHY?
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