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How do I export assessment data via Ed-FI API as a Mastery Connect admin?

How do I export assessment data via Ed-FI API as a Mastery Connect admin?

As a Mastery Connect admin, you can export assessment reports to your connected data servers. You can export reports for benchmark and formative assessments, and you can export multiple assessments of the same type at one time.

Before you can export a report via Ed-Fi API, your account must have a configured Ed-FI API data connection.

Open Admin Area

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link.

Open Assessment Type

Open Assessment Type

Hover over the Assessments tab [1] and select the type of assessment you want to export.

To export scores for a benchmark assessment, click the Benchmarks link [2]

To export scores for a formative assessment, click the Formative link [3].

Select Assessment

In the Benchmark or Formative Assessments page, locate the assessment(s) with scores you want to export. To narrow the displayed list of assessments, you can use the available search [1] and filter options [2].

To select an assessment to export scores, click the assessment's checkbox [3]. You can select multiple assessments at one time. To select all displayed items, click the All checkbox [4].

Select Assessment in Grid View

If your Assessments page displays assessments in grid view, you can still select assessments to export. Locate the assessment(s) with scores you want to export. To refine the displayed assessments, use the available search [1] and filter options [2].

Hover over the assessment preview [3]. Then click the Include in Export checkbox [4].

Export Scores to Server

Export Scores to Server

Click the Export drop-down menu [1]. Then click the Send to server link [2].

Confirm Export Details

Confirm Export Details

Enter a title for the export in the Export Name field [1].

To select the data connection for the export, click the Connection drop-down menu [2]. The menu displays a list of all available data connections configured for your account. Select an Ed-FI API connection.

Once a connection is selected, the server details display [3].

Click the Send to Server button [4].

Note: To send the report to an external server, you must first set up a server connection.

View Export Progress

The Data Exports page opens to display the Connection History tab [1].

View the report export status in the Status column [2]. One of the following status icons display:

  • Success - The data successfully exported to the server.
  • In Progress - The data is currently being sent to the server, but the process is not yet finished.
  • Queued - The export is being processed and is in the export queue.
  • Failed - An error occurred in the export process and did not complete.

View Failed Export

Failed exports display a Failed icon [1]. To retry the export, click the Re-Send icon [2].

If the export fails again, contact your IT Administrator to troubleshoot the issue.

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