How do I deliver a formative assessment to students?

In Mastery Connect, you can deliver an assessment for students to complete in the Student Portal, in their web browser, or using your district's LMS.


  • To deliver an assessment in the Student Portal, your district SIS must be integrated with Mastery Connect and the test ID must be active.
  • To complete an assessment in their web browser, students must have an active test ID and know their student ID number.
  • If you district uses Clever, students can log in there to take the assessment in the Student Portal.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1].

In the Trackers page, find the tracker that contains the assessment and click the tracker name link [2].

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

In the Tracker View page, click the Students tab [1]. Then, locate the standard that contains the formative assessment you want to deliver.

Hover the cursor over the column header for that standard [2].

Then, click the Assess link in the column header menu [3].

If you want to deliver a multi-standard formative assessment from your tracker, hover over the column header for the assessment [4]. Click the Assess link in the column header menu [5].


  • The Assess link displays for any formative assessments or standards that have assessments that are available to deliver.
  • If you do not see the Assess link in the menu but believe an assessment should be ready for delivery, contact your school or district administrator.

Open Assess Window

Open Assess Window

In the Standard Details or Multi-standard Assessment Details page, click the Assess button at the top of the column header for the assessment.

Note: In the Multi-standard Assessment Details page, you can click the Assess button at the top of any of the column headers to open the same Assess window.

View Assess Window

The Assess window displays the six-digit test ID number [1] and the number of days until the test ID number expires [2].

To set a custom expiration time, date, or time zone for the test ID, click the Expiration icon [3]. 

View Tools and Accommodations

View Tools and Accommodations

If your district has enabled tools and accommodations for Enhanced Accommodations (EA) assessments, the Tools and Accommodations section displays in the Assess window.  

A shaded icon [1] indicates that a tool or accommodation is enabled.

An unshaded icon [2] indicates that a tool or accommodation has not been enabled for the assessment.


Generate New Test ID

Generate New Test ID

If the Assess window displays dashes instead of a test ID number [1], your test ID has expired. To generate a new ID, click the Generate new Test ID button [2].  

Note: If tests are in progress when a new test ID is generated, they can not be submitted and students will lose their scores. Before you generate a new test ID, instruct students to write down their answers. Then, contact your district administrator or Mastery Connect support for further instructions.  

Deliver with Web Browser

View Assess Window

To deliver the assessment to students using a web browser, instruct students to access the login window at [1]. Then, click the Copy Test ID button and share the test ID with students [4].

Note: If you are unable to deliver the assessment yourself, you can designate a test coordinator to administer the assessment to students in their web browsers. Provide the test coordinator with the correct test ID number and access to student ID numbers.

View Student Browser Log In

Direct Student Log In

In the Enter Test ID window, students are prompted to enter the test ID in the text box [1]. Then, click the Next button [2].

In the Enter Student ID window, students are prompted to enter their student ID number in the text box [3], then click the Next button [4].

Students can now complete the assessment in their web browser.


  • Student ID numbers display next to students' names in the trackers they are enrolled in.
  • Student ID numbers also display in the Tracker Students page.
  • If the test is being delivered by a test coordinator, make sure they have a list of student ID numbers available.
  • The student access URL for taking an assessment in a web browser takes the student directly to their assessment and is separate from the student portal.

Deliver in Student Portal

If Mastery Connect is integrated with your district SIS, and the test ID is active, students can complete the assessment in the Student Portal. To make the assessment available, click the Student Portal toggle to display the checkmark.

Deliver with LMS

If your district uses a LMS, you can deliver the assessment in the LMS. To copy the URL, click the Copy button, then paste the URL in the LMS interface.  

If your district uses Canvas LMS, you can learn more about administering a Mastery Connect assessment in a Canvas course.