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How do I use Formative Assessment Accommodations and Tools as a student?

How do I use Formative Assessment Accommodations and Tools as a student?

Mastery Connect administrators (admins) can allow tools and accommodations for students to use on enhanced accommodation formative assessments. Accommodations and tools allow students to customize their assessment experience, such as highlighting text, utilizing on-screen calculators, flagging questions for review, and more.

Note: If a district enables the Respondus LockDown Browser at implementation or through a CSM request, users will be able to enable the use of Respondus for students taking EA formative assessments.

Enter Online Assessment

View Login Pages

Direct your students to log into Next, they will enter the test ID number and their student ID number, which will open their assessment.


  • Students may also be able to access the assessment in their student portal.

View Student Assessment

Your students can now begin their assessment, where they can view the tools and accommodations toolbar [1]. You can expand the toolbar by clicking the Expand Menu icon [2].

Use Accommodations and Tools

Students can use the toolbar to access additional assessment tools.

The Full Screen, Review, Accessibility, Highlight, Flag Question, Notepad, Line Reader, Strikethrough, Draw, Sticky Note, Calculators, Ruler, and Protractor tools are only available in enhanced accommodation assessments. 

Note: The Desmos calculators are only available to districts that have a paid Desmos calculator subscription.

Use Highlight Tool

The Highlight tool isn't represented by an icon in the toolbar. Students can directly click and drag their cursor over a line of text to highlight it. After releasing their cursor, the Highlight options box appears [1]. Students can view and select which color of highlighter to use on their text by clicking the Show Color Palete arrow [2] and clicking a color option [3].  

To remove the highlight from the text, click the highlighted text and click Remove [4].

Flag questions

Flag Questions

The students can click the Flag tool option to flag a question to return to it later. To unflag a question, click the Flag/Unflag option again.

Use Notepad

Students can click the Notepad option in the toolbar [1] to open the Notepad tool [2]. Students can take private notes in the text field [3] and use the digital notepad to help them work through each question. Students can collapse [4], maximize [5], or close [6] the Notepad window using the window icons. Notes students take on the notepad are preserved across all questions throughout an assessment.

Use Line Reader

The Line Reader is a resizable rectangular mask that contains a transparent window. This window only shows small sections of the assessment text at a time to a student. Students can click the Line Reader option in the toolbar [1] to open the Line Reader tool [2].

Students can resize and move the Line Reader to different parts of the assessment page. To resize the Line Reader mask, click and drag on the Resize Mask arrow [3]. To resize the Line Reader window, click and drag the Resize WIndow icon [4].

Use Strikethrough

Students can visually reduce their answer options using the Strikethrough tool. This assists them in choosing the correct answer by shading the answers they know to be incorrect. 

To shade an answer, click the Strikethrough toolbar option [1] and then click the answer option you would like to shade [2]. 

To un-shade an answer option, click the answer option again. 

You cannot select a correct answer while in Strikethrough mode, so once you've eliminated all the incorrect answer options, click the Strikethrough toolbar option again to turn the feature off. You can now select your answer.

Use Draw

Students can draw in the answer field using the Draw tool, which can help them work through questions visually. To open the Draw tool, click the Draw toolbar option [1]. This opens the Draw options menu, which students can move to different areas of the assessment by clicking and dragging [2].

Students can toggle the Draw tools and options on or off by clicking the applicable buttons. Available Draw tools include a pencil [3], an eraser [4], a color selector [5], and the show/hide grid option [6].

To exit the Draw tool, click the Draw toolbar option again. To hide or show a previously-created drawing, click the Hide/Show Drawings toolbar option [7].

Use Sticky Notes

Students can use sticky notes to take private notes or leave reminders for themselves on individual questions. Each question can have multiple sticky notes attached. To add a sticky note to a question, click the Add Sticky Note toolbar option [1]. Students can type their notes in the sticky note text field [2]. To minimize the sticky note, click the Collapse icon [3]. To delete a sticky note, click the Delete icon [4]. To hide all sticky notes on a question, click the Hide Sticky Notes toolbar option [5].

Use Calculator and Desmos Calculators

Students can use the default calculator if it has been enabled for their assessment.

To open a calculator, click a Calculator toolbar option [1]. You can move any calculator by clicking the Calculator header and dragging it to another area of the browser window [2]. Students can enter their math problems in the calculator input bar [3].

Note: The Desmos Calculators are only available to districts that have a paid Desmos subscription.

Use Ruler

If enabled, students can open and use a ruler. To open the ruler in a question, click the Ruler toolbar option [1]. You can move the ruler by clicking the ruler and dragging it to another area of the browser window [2]. You can also rotate your ruler by clicking and dragging the ruler rotation handle [3].

Use Protractor

Students can use the Protractor tool to measure angles. To open the Protractor within a question, click the Protractor toolbar option [1]. You can move the protractor by clicking and dragging it to another area of the browser window [2]. You can also rotate your protractor by clicking and dragging the rotation handle [3].

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