How do I create a Mastery Connect support ticket?

If you have a problem, question, or suggestion for Mastery Connect, you can create a Mastery Connect support ticket.

You can also get help with Mastery Connect through other resources.

Open Support Request

Open Support Request

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Help icon [1]. Then, click the Submit a support request link [2].

Select Request Type

To copy someone on the request, enter an email address in the Notify Others field [1].  Use commas to separate multiple email addresses.

To select a ticket-type that best describes your request, click the Ticket-Type drop-down menu [2].  

  • To report a problem, click the I Have A Problem link [3]
  • To ask a question, click the I Have A Question link [4]
  • To make a suggestion, click the I Have a Suggestion link [5].

To select the Mastery Connect category that best describes your request, click the Category drop-down menu [6].

Enter Subject

Enter Subject

Enter the subject of your problem, question, or suggestion in the Subject field [1].

A list of Online PD articles related to the topic displays [2].

To view an article, click the article name link [3].

Enter Details and Submit

Enter Details and Submit

It you are unable to find an answer in the online articles, or your suggestion has not already been implemented, provide a short description of your request in the Description field [1].

Provide a complete list of all affected users and item types in the Affected Assessment(s), Tracker(s), Teacher(s), or Student(s) field [2].

Optionally, you can provide a screenshot or other documentation by adding a file in the Attachments field [3].

To submit the request, click the Submit button [4].