How do I use the Mastery Connect Student Portal as a student?

The Mastery Connect Student Portal gives you access to class resources directly from your teacher. The Student Portal allows you to view classes, activities, assessments, playlists, standards mastery progress in a class, and semester progress reports. You can also change your student account profile information in the Student Portal.

Access Student Portal

Activate Your Account

To access the Student Portal, your teacher will send you an activation email.

To access the Student Portal, open the email and click the Activate Your Account button. Alternatively, your teacher can print out a username and temporary password for you.

Log In

Log In

Log in to your student account at

To log in using your Mastery Connect username or email address, enter it in the Username or Email Address field [1]. Enter your password in the Password field [2]. Then, click the Submit button [3].

To sign in with Google, click the Sign in with Google button [4].

To sign in with Clever, click the Sign in with Clever button [5].

Create a Password

The first time you access the Student Portal, create a password. To create a password in the Profile Setup page, enter any password containing at least eight characters into the Password field [1]. Enter the same password into the Confirm Password field [2].

To save the password, click the Save And Continue button [3].

View Home Page

View Home Page

You can view any recent activity from your teachers and classes on the Home page. You can also take an assessment from the Home page.

Take Assessment

Take Assessment

To take an assessment using a Test ID, enter the Test ID into the Test ID field [1]. Then click the Next button [2].

Alternatively, if your teacher has set the assessment available in the portal, you can take the assessment by clicking the Start Assessment button [3].

View Classes

You can view class information such as recent activity, assessments, playlists, and mastery progress. From the Global Navigation menu, click the Classes link [1].

By default, the Current Classes tab is selected [2]. The list displays current classes.

To view past classes, click the Archived Classes tab [3].

Open Class Information

Open Class Information

To view class information, click a class name link.

View Class Information

View Class Activity

For a selected class, you can view class activity, assessments, playlists, and mastery progress by clicking the available sub-tabs [1].

Each class sub-tab displays the teacher and class name [2].

View Class Activity

View Class Activity

To view recent class activity, click the Activity tab. Activity includes anything made available by your teacher.

View Class Assessments

To view class assessments, click the class Assessments tab [1]. By default, all assessments display.

To view only assessments available to take, click the To-Do link [2].

To view only assessments you have completed, click the Complete link [3].

To view assessment details, click an assessment link [4].

To take an assessment, click the Start Assessment button [5].

Note: You can only take assessments on the Assessments page when your teacher makes the assessment available in the Student Portal. Otherwise, you can take an assessment from the Home page using the Test ID.

View Class Playlists

View Class Playlists

Teachers can provide additional resources and learning activities using playlists. To view any available activities for your class and practice concepts provided by your teacher, click the Playlists tab.

View Class Progress

View Class Progress

To view a real-time progress report for your class, click the class Progress tab [1]. Your progress is broken down by standard with the mastery status for each standard [2]. 

To view assessments associated with a standard, click the Expand icon [3].

To view the assessment details, along with your answers if they were made available by your teacher, click the assessment thumbnail [4].

View Term Progress Reports

If your school or district distributes term progress reports using Mastery Connect, you can view available progress reports for past terms. To view progress reports, from the Global Navigation menu, click the Progress Reports link [1]. Then click a progress report name link [2], or click the Download Progress Report button [3].

The progress report downloads as a PDF file.

View Account Profile Settings

View Account Profile Settings

You can view or edit your student account profile settings. To view or edit your account settings, click your name link [1], and select the Account Settings option [2].

Edit Profile Settings

Edit Profile Settings

In the Profile Settings page, you can change your Student Portal password or add an email address.

To change your password, enter your current password into the Current Password field [1]. Enter a new password containing at least eight characters into the New Password field [2]. Enter the same new password into the Confirm Password field [3].

To add an email address, enter one in the Student Email field [4].

To remove an email address, click the Remove icon [5].

To save the changes, click the Save Changes button [6].