How do I adjust Desmos item bank question details?

In Mastery Connect, if your institution has a paid Desmos upgrade, you can add Desmos item type questions to an item bank. After you select the question type, you can use the math editor to add details for the question, view and adjust a student preview, and validate answers. Once the question is published to an item bank, you can add the question to an assessment.


  • If you do not see the Desmos Items (Paid Upgrade) section in the Question Type drop-down menu, your institution does not have a paid Desmos upgrade.
  • District and school administrators (admins) can create items directly in the district item bank.

Compose Question

Compose Question

You can adjust how the question displays and functions for students using the tools and settings on the Edit Question page.

To add question details, click the Compose Question field [1]. A toolbar displays question editing and formatting options [2]. To insert math formulas in your question, click the Add Math icon [3].

Compose Math Formulas

Compose Math Formula in LaTex Editor

In the Math Editor, click the Math Formula field [1]. Then, use the buttons in the keypad to compose a math formula [2]. To access additional math function symbols, click the Keypad drop-down menu [3] and select the functions you need  to compose your question. To make all function symbols visible at once, click the All Symbols option [4].

When you finish composing your formula, click the OK button [5].

Modify Graph

To expand additional settings for the question, click the More Options arrow [1]. In the Modify Graph section, you can create a graph that students will interact with to answer the question.

To define parameters for the question, type in the Expression fields [2].

To adjust the graph settings, click the Graph Settings icon [3]. use the Graph Settings menu, to adjust  graph boundaries, units, and appearance [4].

Note: If you cannot see the Graph Settings icon in the Modify Graph section, zoom out your view in your browser. To do this, hold down the Control or Command key on your keyboard and press the - (minus) key. Continue pressing the minus key until the Graph Settings icon displays in the Modify Graph section.

Change Point Boundaries and Step Size

Change Point Boundaries and Step Size

To change the boundaries of how far the points on your graph can move, or to change the width of the step, click the equation of the variable [1].  Enter the appropriate numbers in the equation text fields [2] and click outside the graph to save your graph changes.

Save or Publish Item  

To save the item as a draft and keep editing enabled, click the Save As Draft button [1]. When you save an item as a draft, it can be edited and deleted in your personal item bank and by admins in the district teacher item bank.

To disable editing and share the item with teachers in your district, click the Publish button [2]. When you publish an item, it displays in the district teacher item bank and is available to all users in your district. You can delete the item from your personal item bank, and admins can delete the item from the district teacher item bank.

To disable editing and share the item with admins only, click the Publish & Reserve button [3]. When you publish and reserve an item, you can delete it in your personal item bank, and admins can view and delete the item in the district teacher item bank.

To delete the question and return to the Create New Item page, click the Go Back button [4].