How do I create a choice matrix item?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a choice matrix item. A choice matrix is a multiple choice type question, in which several related question stems have the same choices (e.g., true or false).

Note: District and school administrators (admins) can also create items directly in the district item bank.

Add New Item

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link. Then, follow the steps to create a new item.  

Enter Question or Instructions

Enter a question or item prompt in the Compose question field [1].

Enter the question stems in the Stems fields [2]. To add an additional stem, click the Add link [3]. To delete a stem, click the Delete icon [4].

Enter choice options in the Options Fields [5]. To add additional choices, click the Add button [6]. To delete an option, click the Delete icon [7].

Set Correct Answers

Set Correct Answers

Enter a point value for the item in the Point(s) box [1].

To select the correct answers in the matrix, click the radio buttons [2].

To allow multiple responses, click the Multiple responses checkbox [3].

To shuffle answer locations on each display, click the Shuffle options checkbox [4].

If a question has more than one correct solution, click the Add icon and enter the alternate answer [5].

To add additional scoring, layout, formatting, and labeling options for the item, click the More options drop-down menu [6].

View Authoring Help

For more information about additional authoring options, scroll to the top of the item authoring page and click the Authoring Help icon.

Validate Answers

Validate Answers

To preview the item interaction, click answer radio buttons [1].

To view correct and incorrect answers, click the Show Answers checkbox [2]. Correct answers display a check mark and are shaded green [3]. Incorrect answers display an X and are shaded red [4]. Unselected correct answers display a check mark and are shaded yellow [5].

The number of points awarded for the item as answered in the preview window over the number of points possible display in the scoring bubble [6].

Add Optional Features

Add Optional Features

To add optional features to the item, click the Add Feature button [1] and select the features you wish to add from the drop-down menu [2]. Learn more about adding passages and other features.

Note: The Desmos calculators are only available in districts that have paid Desmos subscriptions

Save or Publish Item  

To save the item as a draft and keep editing enabled, click the Save As Draft button [1]. When you save an item as a draft, it can be edited and deleted in your personal item bank and by admins in the district teacher item bank.

To disable editing and share the item with teachers in your district, click the Publish button [2]. When you publish an item, it displays in the district teacher item bank and is available to all users in your district. You can delete the item from your personal item bank, and admins can delete the item from the district teacher item bank.

To disable editing and share the item with admins only, click the Publish & Reserve button [3]. When you publish and reserve an item, you can delete it in your personal item bank, and admins can view and delete the item in the district teacher item bank.

To delete the question and return to the Create New Item page, click the Go Back button [4].