How do I create an item in a district item bank as an admin?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator (admin) you can create items in your own district item bank and share those items with teachers in your district. You can also reserve them for other administrators.

Note: Only admins can create items in a district item bank.

Open Item Bank

Open Item Bank

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then click the Item Bank tab [2].

Select Item Bank

In the Item Banks, list click the item bank name link.

Add Item

Click the Add Item button.

Add Item Details

Select Details and Click Continue

In the text field, enter a Title [1].

To select a question type, click the Question Type drop-down menu [2] and select an option.

Use the drop-down menus to select a Subject, Core, Class, and Standard [3].  

To align the question to more than one standard, click the Add Another Standard option [4].

You can also add or edit optional details.

  • To change the language of the item from the default of English, select an option from the Language drop-down menu [5].
  • To add a Blooms Taxonomy value, select one from Blooms drop-down menu [6].
  • To add a difficulty level, select one from the Difficulty drop-down menu [7].
  • To add a depth of knowledge value, select one from the DOK menu [8].

To create the question in the district item bank, click the Continue button [9].