How do I add an assessment to a Mastery Tracker in Canvas?

If your institution uses Canvas LMS, you can connect a Mastery Tracker to your Canvas course. After connecting the tracker to Canvas, you can access mastery data, third-party item bank assessments, and competency-based learning tools.

When you create a Mastery Connect assessment from your Mastery Tracker in Canvas, Canvas automatically creates a corresponding assignment. Once a student completes the Canvas assignment, the assignment data displays in the Mastery Tracker and the assignment score displays in the Canvas gradebook.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then click the course name link [3].

Note: If the course is not listed, select the All Courses link [4], then click the title of your course.

Open Mastery Tracker

In the Course Navigation menu, click the Mastery Tracker link [1]. Then click the Add Assessment button [2].

Select Assessment Creation Option

View Assessment Options

Select an option for adding an assessment to your Mastery Tracker.

To search the Mastery Connect community for pre-made assessments, click the Search Community link [1].

To see a list that is filtered to only display assessments you have created, click the My Assessments link [2].

To create a new assessment for your tracker, click the Create New link [3].

To create a blank assessment that only contains scoring information, click the Raw Score link [4].

View Assessment Community

If you select the Search Community or the My Assessments option [1], the Assessment Community displays [2].

By default, the Assessment Community uses your tracker to filter the displayed assessments by subject [3], core [4], and class [5]. Additionally, assessments for all standards display [6]. To view additional filtering options, click the Expand icon [7].

The Search Community option displays assessments from all creators [8], and the My Assessments option displays assessments you have personally created [9]. To apply or remove additional filters, click the filter drop-down menus.

To find a specific assessment, add text in the Search field [10].

Add Assessment from Community

To add an assessment to your tracker from the Assessment Community, click an assessment's Add button [1] and click the Add to Tracker link [2].

Add Community Assessment to Tracker

Add Community Assessment to Tracker

Locate the tracker in the Select Tracker list and click the tracker checkbox [1]. Then click the Add button [2].

Create New Assessment

If you select the Create New option [1], the Assessment Creator Tool displays [2].

You can use the assessment creator to create a Formative Assessment [3]. If you are a district admin, you can also select to create a District Benchmark Assessment [4].

The tracker, subject, core and class are already selected for you [5].

When you finish creating your assessment, click the Create Assessment button [6].

Create Raw Score Assessment

Create Raw Score Assessment

If you select the Raw Score option [1], the Raw Score Assessment Creator Tool displays [2]. Add your assessment information, then click the Add to Tracker button [3].

View New Assessment in Tracker

View Added Assessment

View your assessment within its applicable standard(s) in your mastery tracker [1]. Multi-standard assessments display directly in the mastery tracker.

View New Mastery Assessment in Canvas Assignments

In the Course Navigation menu, click the Assignments link [1].

Mastery assessment assignments are added in your Canvas Assignments assignment group [2].

Linked Mastery Tracker assignments display the Mastery icon [3].


  • After your students complete the assignment, the graded scores display in your Mastery Tracker and in the Canvas course gradebook.
  • Raw score assessments are published in Canvas by default. You must manually publish all other mastery tracker assignments for your course.