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New Analytics: Known Issues

New Analytics: Known Issues

  • Custom Roles: All role access permissions with Analytics Beta mirror the permissions of the current Analytics, with the exception of custom roles. Custom roles currently inherit the permissions of of the template role (ie. Site Administrator). As a result, there may be some custom roles that will have access to legacy analytics even though Analytics Beta is turned on. In the meantime, Canvas admins may choose to remove the Analytics Beta LTI tool in Account Settings.
  • TA Permissions: Access to the New Analytics Course Navigation link is associated with the View Analytics permission. Access to the Student Context Card is associated with the View Analytics permission and View All Grades permission. Some users, such as TAs, will not be directed to New Analytics data if both permissions are not enabled.
  • CSV Some SIS ID Fields Blank: some data is currently not populating. 

Any additional issues not listed here should be reported to Canvas Support via your institution's support process.

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